Hello Everyone! Ciao Belli!

Welcome to Britalians TV, Marco & Erica here, yes we are the Britalians.

Both Actors and TV Presenters, we love discovering People through the Places that shape them.

Marco was born and raised in Rome, Italy while Erica grew up in Sant’Antioco a small Sardinian island in the South-West of Italy, then moved to Rome when she was 17 years old, and now they both live in London, UK. 

We are amazed by the Cultural Richness and Diversity that the World has to offer.

Britalians TV is the Celebration of Humanity through the eyes of Marco and Erica.


Check out our latest videos and shows and join us on our journey as we meet unique people all across our incredible Planet.

Write to us at info@britalians.tv and let’s work together!



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Britalians TV Discover People through Places with Marco and Erica

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