Our Mission


Marco “Laughs and Positivity have always been key in my life and I love to have fun with people no matter what the subject is that we are laughing about
If you think about something funny you have to say it” 
Erica “Laughing in my everyday life helped me to live in harmony and connect with everyone! I always remember someone that made me laugh and feel good”

When We Laugh We

Boost the Immunity System, Relax the Muscles & Oxygen the Body
Add Joy and Zest to life
Uplift the Mood & Strengthen Resilience
Strengthen Relationships & Attract Others
Enhance Teamwork, Group Bonding & Human Connections
Marco “I love to laugh at myself as it boosts further my freedom of expression”
Our Vision

“We believe passionately in the power of laughing to model the world via it’s inner message of truth, spontaneity and transparency.”

Marco Biagioli Polaroid (136)

Our Story

Hello Everyone! Ciao Belli!

Welcome to BritaliansTV, Marco & Erica here yes we are the Britalians.

Both Actors & Presenters we love discovering People and we are amazed by the Talent, Cultural Richness and Diversity that the World offers.

Marco was born and raised in Rome, Italy while Erica grew up in Sant’Antioco a small Sardinian island in the South-West of Italy, then moved to Rome when she was 17 years old, and now they both live in London, UK.

BritaliansTV celebrates Humanity and shows you the World Unfiltered.

We TRAVEL, LAUGH AND CONNECT taking you into a world of rich experiences done with people from all worlds in all types of settings with the goal to ultimately transforming how you see the world. 

Check out our latest videos and shows and join us on our journey as we meet unique people all across our incredible Planet.

Write to us at info@britalians.tv and let’s work together!

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