Humans of the World Cagliari (7)

SARDINIA Cagliari Day1


Marco & Erica set off their journey across Sardinia in Cagliari where they meet the Mayor, mingle with locals, try to cook Gnocchetti alla Campidanese and explore a very special real Cave in the middle of the city.

Humans of the World Cagliari (10)

SARDINIA Cagliari Day2


Marco & Erica make new friends in Cagliari where they learn how to Meditate and put their Breakdance and Salsa skills to the test with Austrian Spiritual Healer and Dancer Alexander Krakolinig, chat to a UK Local Government Officer, stumble upon local Actors Erika Carta and Stefano Cancellu while rollerblading on the Poetto Beach, meet Students and flock to a Bar with young locals.

Humans of the World Cagliari (16)

SARDINIA Cagliari Day3


Marco and Erica visit Villanova quarter in Cagliari meet a Textiles Artisan, some expats, a former worldwide Boxing Champion. They also invade the Antico Forno Gransole to try their hands at making “Pardulas” a traditional Sardinian sweet.

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SARDINIA Cagliari Day4


Marco & Erica visit ISOLA, a major showcase of Sardinian artistic craftsmanship, interviewing Ceramics Artisan Walter Usai, mingle in the Marina with the President of the International Kiteboarding Association Mirco Babini, invade the kitchens of T Hotel and play with the member’s costume of one of the oldest Sardinian Archconfraternity minutes before the Saint Vestition.