61 Reasons Why You Should Move Abroad
December 24, 2021 - By Elisa Forte

Have you started to make your New Year’s Resolutions? Has the idea to move or simply do an experience abroad ever crossed your mind, but you have never been able to actually leave? Whether it is for work, school, love or something else, here you are 61 reasons why it is a great idea to live abroad:

  1. Change your life
  2. Experience new emotions
  3. Learn a new language
  4. Dream in another language
  5. Discover a new culture
  6. Meet new people
  7. Make new friends
  8. Do networking
  9. Try new food and flavours
  10. Discover new eating habits
  11. Look at your country and culture from a new perspective
  12. Appreciate what you take for granted
  13. Challenge yourself
  14. Take care of yourself
  15. Learn how to count on yourself
  16. Find out new aspects of your personality
  17. Become braver 
  18. Develop your adaptability
  19. Improve yourself
  20. Help others 
  21. Quit bad habits (smoking)
  22. Lose weight
  23. Gain weight
  24. Improve your self-confidence
  25. Keep learning new things
  26. Create new opportunities
  27. Open the door to new opportunities
  28. Change people around you
  29. Change your mindset
  30. Change climate
  31. Get rid of stress
  32. Overcome a disappointment
  33. Distract yourself
  34. Adopt a sustainable lifestyle
  35. Have two lives
  36. Learn a new sport
  37. Learn how to cook
  38. Pursue a new hobby
  39. Learn a new job
  40. Start a business
  41. Fight stereotypes
  42. Find your soulmate
  43. Find your motivation and happiness
  44. Find your purpose
  45. Feed your curiosity
  46. Develop your creativity
  47. Study something new
  48. Enrich your curriculum
  49. Collect stories 
  50. Go on adventures
  51. Open your mind
  52. Learn how to observe without judging
  53. Welcome new things in your life
  54. Change your look
  55. Experience a new form of governance
  56. Try a new furniture style
  57. Get rid of negative people
  58. Watch different TV programmes
  59. Enjoy a different landscape
  60. Try new means of transport
  61. Your moment has come: what would you like to do?


By Britalians TV
Written by
Elisa Forte

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