Elena Bignotti’s autobiography “Diary of a travelling girl”
July 14, 2021 - By Elisa Forte

Marco and Erica meet the author Elena Bignotti

Marco and Erica have just prepared a cup of tea for the next guest. It’s Elena Bignotti, author of the book “Diary of a travelling girl”.

“Diary of a travelling girl” is an autobiography talking about two main topics: travels and her change, both inside and outside. Elena wrote this book aiming at inspiring other people, giving them the right push to take control of their own life. It happened that she went from living in Brescia, where she was working in a supermarket, to overcoming her fears and starting travelling around the world to find her own direction.

Travelling allowed her to better know herself and to meet many new interesting people with whom she created strong connections. Elena tells that she has never travelled a lot, but she rather fully experienced the places where she decided to stop and live for a while. She fell in love with London where, not by chance, she is currently living and where she has finally found herself. What does she like about it? Spoiler alert: her next book is about London. 

Marco and Erica ask some questions about the countries and the cities she has visited so far, such as Prague, Australia and Thailand. What fascinated her the most? Marco would like to discover more about her dating life. He tries many times to ask her about special people met during her journeys, but she looks shy. Maybe she talks about that in her book! 

What about her creative process: what inspires her? Elena doesn’t need alcohol, drugs or any magic concoction. She only needs her sofa, a blanket, a cup of tea and, last but not least, her computer. How does she face writer’s block? She experienced it many times and she would like to share some tips with you! 

Elena has done a lot of things during her life and she is now a tango teacher and a massage therapist as well! While living a bad moment, dance classes were a way to show her emotions. This is how her love for tango began. 

About future destinations, has she already decided where to go next? Elena will spend some time in Italy for her book presentation, but she hasn’t planned anything after that. For real-time updates, follow Elena on her social profiles! 

It’s now time for Marco and Erica’s ritual question: what would she do if she were a ghost for 24 hours? It’s always interesting to know and compare the different desires of Between 2 Italians’ guests! And you, what would you do? 

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Elisa Forte , Elisa Forte

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