You are currently viewing Marco and Erica meet Lorenzo Patane- an artist and inspiration

Marco and Erica meet Lorenzo Patane- an artist and inspiration

Marco and Erica meet Lorenzo Patane- an artist and inspiration
July 19, 2021 - By AnumitaBagchi

Actor Lorenzo Patane Inspires Marco and Erica


In this episode of Between 2 Italians, the dramatic duo of Marco and Erica have a good chat with the actor Lorenzo Patane. While Marco tries to think up an exciting and dramatic backstory for our guest, involving a long-term prison sentence for poisoning the king of Germany, Erica introduces him as an actor and coach, at his own drama school. Marco and Erica even grew up watching Lorenzo in soap operas! Before the interview begins properly, you didn’t think we would miss the song for the remote episode, did you? Today you will be treated to Hakuna Matata, but in German, this time! 


While Lorenzo now lives in Munich Germany he is originally from Sicily. Marco and Erica ask him what the differences are between his birthplace and where he lives now, to which he answers that Munich is much colder but also very beautiful in its own way. Naturally, our hosts ask how and why he ended up in Germany, the answer to which is that his parents moved there when he was just a baby to open a restaurant, and after they separated, he stayed with his father in Munich. Lorenzo says that Germany is a very unique country, it has a different mindset and way of living to lots of other places in Europe. As a Sicilian Lorenzo says that he is a creative extrovert with a hot temper whereas in Germany there is a lot of order, structure, and consistency in their societies. However, he also explains that he thinks the blend of cultures between the two places creates an efficient and enjoyable way of living for him, and compares it to the combination of British and Italian culture that Marco and Erica are very familiar with.


Soon we are onto the topic of food which we all know that Marco and Erica love a lot. They ask Lorenzo what he thinks of the German food, and he laughs explaining that he very rarely eats any German food, preferring to shop at Italian grocery stores and cooking mostly for himself. Lorenzo is a big believer in organic, slow foods, so whenever he is filming, he makes sure he is near to a whole foods store. Food is so important to him and connected to such strong emotions that he relates an anecdote of a time when he went into a vegetable and wine shop and immediately felt everything to be extremely familiar, only to find out that everyone working there was also Sicilian!


Lorenzo’s career journey has been long and varied. He started his company six years ago with the aim to reach out to everyone involved with every aspect of performing. Two years ago, he started his YouTube channel which aims to share knowledge with novices and expert alike, for free. After Marco and Erica challenge Lorenzo to their usual acting games, they go on to talk about comedy, the ways in which it is one of the most difficult arts, and how Marco has an innate talent for it. All fun and games aside, Lorenzo has been acting for a really long time, and explained to Marco and Erica that it started out as just a hobby that was really fun for him. However, once he started making money from it, he occasionally felt the acting was just a vehicle to move his career forward. That being said, he now feels that he’s reached the third stage, where acting is a tool of exploration for him, allowing him to find out more about himself and the world around him.


This interview turned out to be so engaging and inspiring that Marco and Erica offer Lorenzo several rounds of applause throughout the course of it. To find out more about the roles that Lorenzo wants to play next, the documentary that he is making for his company and the plans for his brand, make sure you watch the full episode on Britalians TV. If you tune into the episode  you also get to learn more about the response to quarantine in Germany and see Lorenzo’s chicken impression, so you really shouldn’t miss this!

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