Soaking Up The Sardinian Sun- Day 1
July 15, 2022 - By Emeka Diamond

Allow Me To Introduce Me

My name is Emeka Diamond. I am a 24 year old writer, playwright, actor, poet and producer. I have a passion for writing stories and always make sure I include my voice into any piece of work I write. 


Jet Setting Start

After watching this first entry in the “Humans Of The World” series, the idyllic Sardinia setting is a perfect episode to ease the viewer into what the format of the series will be about. As someone that hails from Ealing, it made me reminisce on holidays abroad, (while also dreaming of my next holiday destination). 

The opening sequence with the narration accompanied with the sweeping (steady) handheld shots of the picturesque town drew me in. The glistening sun felt warm and inviting, just like its two presenters.

One thing that was prevalent throughout the first entry was the energy from the two presenters; Marco & Erica. They were enthusiastic and engaged, always making the people who they are interviewing comfortable with a flare of interactive fun. The lighthearted and fluid format of the interview segments go hand in hand with the backdrop of the town.


Cagliari, Coast, Culture…Cuisine

Cagliari has been built on 7 hills, (just like Rome), with vast churches, historic buildings, architecture and a university, it’s no wonder that it draws so many diverse and intriguing people to it. Whether there for the architecture, adventure or a holiday away by the coast, the island is host to so many people. 

Each location within the town they visit to interview the different individuals immediately shows the traditional architecture that draws the viewer in. I wouldn’t be surprised if the viewer booked a ticket to visit Cagliari after this episode.

Such as the first couple they encounter, who are due to get married and I must say, what a wonderful location they have chosen. The hills overlooking the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea would make anyone swoon with adoration for the island. It is clear from their interaction that the presenters have chemistry with the couple- easing them in with jokes pertaining to their location and swapping items of clothing such as a pair of glasses. 

Their next interview with the Mayor of Cagliari is in a building which is grand, almost imposing in scale, with the contrasts of colours and tones, (the square patterns on the floor and the tall windows remind me of The Palace of Versailles). The interior is inviting with a warmth due to the handcrafted furniture and ginormous paintings. The mayor is introspective and caring, always looking to the future to help people in the town, thinking about how he can make a change. This is clear in his answer to the questions: “If you were given the possibility to be a ghost for one day, what would you do?” and “Which is the most important thing you are focusing on right now in Cagliari?”. His answers, philanthropic. He would love to hear the feedback from the citizens of the town and know how he can improve as well as refurbishing the town, to help give back to the people. He wants to make this reflective in the town, hence the refurbishment.

The fluidity in between interviews is perfectly executed. An example of this came when it showed how it really comes into fruition when transitioning between the Mayor’s interview and taking a cooking lesson. Marco, stating he is starving, helps to fluidly move the visuals along with a transition to a kitchen where they learn to cook. It feels appropriate that a cooking segment is included between the interviews. It shows off the culture and another side to the town. After viewing the various statues, architecture and interviews with the couple and the mayor, it made me feel hungry. The visuals of the food being cooked, along with the descriptions made it enticing and the viewer is left salivating (you can almost reach into the screen with a knife and fork, ready for a bite to eat).


Somewhere, Beyond The Sea

The town, though modestly sized, is full of life. Each person being interviewed is relaxed and happy with the town. The town provides a tranquil and laid back environment for the locals. It’s clear that Cagliari, and its community spirit, has an impact on them, helping them to get fulfilment and find joy. 

The banter between the presenters is an aspect that works well and helps it stand out. As the narrative exposition from Erica about the town unfolds, sun soaked visuals of the town are shown, bathing it in a sunlight that helps to romanticize the town. When Marco interjects, he shows how lighthearted their trip can be- always making a joke that works well with the transitions and sets up their next location. It feels as if the presenters were talking directly to me. The viewer feels less passive and more involved with the viewing experience as if they are taking me along with them, guiding me through this wonderful experience with them.

I think each episode should include a cooking tutorial. It helps to break up the interviews and allows for the audience to digest, (no pun intended), what they just saw. As it is shown to so many people, (with the accessibility of it being on Amazon Prime and on Britalians TV), it would also spark the enthusiasm of some viewers to cook the dishes shown on the show. The step-by-step format and humour would make those watching, who don’t know how to cook, more comfortable about cooking.

The interviews feel simultaneously informal and humorous. It balances the humour and traditional interview format well. Never feeling too imbalanced or swaying too far from the interview format.

Humans Of The World is not only about the interviews with individuals hailing from a chosen location, but it is reflective of the environments they inhabit. This is shown in the architecture of the houses, buildings and statues, (for example Sardinia’s Cagliari has an aesthetic that feels historic and filled with history), the iconic food and the laid back feeling that the show evokes.

Although this is only the first episode, (it is also the first day in Cagliari), I can’t wait to find out what it has in store for the two hosts. I look forward to meeting an array of characters for more interviews, having more cooking tutorials, (which will undoubtedly produce mouth-watering local dishes), and soaking in breathtaking visuals from another sunny setting. 

By Britalians TV
Written by
Emeka Diamond

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