Soaking Up The Sardinian Sun- Day 5
July 25, 2022 - By Emeka Diamond

Bosa Begins

Having finished exploring the picturesque town of Cagliari and it’s clear coastal sea, our favourite presenters Marco and Erica travel to the town of Bosa located in the western region of Sardinia. 

The opening shots establish just how striking and different the environment in Bosa is. With a bridge connecting two sides of Bosa, each side is different. On one side of the bridge; idyllic, old fashioned housing with cobbled streets, balconies and a castle at the top of a hill overlooking the town. The other, more lush green land with plots of fields and farming where the crops can soak in the sun. It is immediately apparent just how different and spread out the landscape in Bosa is. Although it is a smaller town, it has the same atmosphere as in Cagliari. 

Just like in Cagliari, Marco and Erica interview Piero Casula, the Mayor of the Bosa. I liked that they interviewed the mayor first because it is a new town and a new environment, so interviewing the mayor first lets the viewers know what they are getting into. 

The first question has depth, making the mayor reflect “Is there anything you didn’t do that you would do in the past?”. The mayor’s answer is commendable- he would do it all again, including all the mistakes he made. It is a question that is weighted, making many viewers watching even reflect on how they would have done things differently given another chance. Perhaps picking another job, going on a holiday they always wanted to go on or going on a date with the person who they have always had a crush on, (in Marco’s case maybe more successful matchmaking in Cagliari). 

Marco tries on the mayor’s glasses and I remembered Marco’s clay carnage. I worried they would be covered in clay, but thankfully they weren’t (no glasses were harmed in the making of this show). With the glasses on, Marco stating that he wants to be a mayor and the authoritative pointing of his finger, I can visualise it. I don’t know what his policies would be, but Marco, you have my vote. 

The mayor would love for tourism to increase and for more events to take place so that everyone has a chance to embrace all that Bosa has to offer. He would love Bosa to become a referral point for the creative industry. It was lovely to hear that he wanted to focus on the creative arts. Living in London, the creative arts are underfunded and often ridiculed, with common phrases being “you studied the creative arts, so you are going to be a waiter?” and “it’s good to pursue what you enjoy, but how are you meant to make money?”. Hearing this from the mayor warmed my heart, it was refreshing for a person in power to say they want the creative arts to be a focal point. 


Talk Of The Town

To gain more insight about Bosa, Marco and Erica find a couple who reside in the town to interview. Straight away I found myself simultaneously laughing and shocked at Marco. He asked the man’s wife if she was pregnant or ate too much. I had to pause the episode, feeling nervous for Marco, either this will end disastrously or everything will be just fine, on the edge of my seat, I cautiously pressed play. She replied with a sincere laugh and I let out a sigh of relief. I knew that he was confident, but I didn’t know he was this confident! (He’s still one of our favourite presenters). 

They discuss the carnival that takes place in Bosa and disclose that after the carnival, there are a huge amount of children born after the carnival, (it’s almost like there’s a correlation between the festivities and couples attending that make them more “open” with each other). 


Wobbly White Wine Workshop 

The talk about the festivities and drinking perfectly segways into the next part of the episode- a wine tasting workshop. With Marco passionately stating that he “hasn’t eaten anything and can really get drunk”, he should be careful and not drink too much otherwise his new best friend Emmanuel will have to take a trip up from Cagliari to carry him home, (hope he has him on speed dial). 

Their wine tasting instructor states that she met her husband at the infamous Bosa Carnival, (I think a visit to Bosa is in order).  

Marco once again perfectly illustrates how bold he is with his comedic timing. He gargles the wine like it’s mouthwash and asks “Is this how it’s done?”. I don’t think it’s correct, (don’t worry Marco, you’ll still get my vote for mayor). 

The interview ended on a light note that those from England are familiar with- downing the drink as quickly as possible before moving on to the next place. The sudden cut to the outside just after Erica had downed her drink was humorous. 


“A Stitch In Time”

They sit down with Maria, the president of the “Cultural Association Of The Golden Hands”, and the other members consisting of only women located in Bosa that come together and create things. They specialise in sewing, knitting and jewellery, (hence “The Golden Hands” in their title). 

Marco, finding the perfect opportunity, remarks that the name sounds like an erotic film. With Erica cheekily leaning into this by pointing out to Marco that he is surrounded by women. Arms outstretched over the shoulders of two of the women states “This is my place, I am exactly where I should be, in the right place, at the right time”. 

Getting to work on what is called “Filet of Bosa”. Marco once again on perfect timing with a tongue and cheek remark of “Typical, as it should be” while staring into the camera, reminding me of the look the characters gave into the camera on the British sitcom “The Peep Show”. It is a unique and traditional type of sewing in Bosa. 

Their cross stitches are not quite finished, so the viewers aren’t able to see the end results. Fortunately, they are able to show a design from one of the other members of the collective. The stitch pattern shown is well designed, really showing how intricate and detailed it can be. They conclude by showing off the earrings they made.

The collective is such a fantastic and wonderful group. It brings together all types of people to encourage, create and have fun. There is a therapeutic sense of comradery and community among them all. 


In These Hallowed Halls

Time to put on your Sunday best because we’re going to church. 

The cathedral is located in the centre of Bosa and serves as the main cathedral for the town. Marco and Erica enter the cathedral, called “Cattedrale dell’Immacolata Concezione” dating back to the 17th century, and talk to the priest called Father Franco. 

Father Franco has been a priest for 36 years and the viewer can tell he is so introspective and thankful for being able to do something that brings him joy and helps to spread joy with others. 

They ask whether his beard is a choice and if it’s allowed, (Marco’s right, Father Franco’s fantastic facial hair is envious), stating it was a choice as he was constantly having to travel as part of his work. Having never been married, Father Franco is not too concerned with it as the pros outweigh the cons. Mainly being that if he had got married his wife would have “left him because he was away so much”.

His philanthropic work and kind nature is clear throughout this whole interview. He has a warmth and energy to him that shows how present he is in the moment. 


Greener Pastures 

This penultimate episode of the first season in the “Humans Of The World” series was wonderful. The opening to this episode had some of my favourite visuals throughout this series, I loved the contrast of landscapes. I was keen to explore the other side of the bridge and see how life differs over the bridge compared to in the town centre. 

Although there was no cooking segment in this episode, getting acquainted with the town and its culture made up for it. Let’s hope the next episode, (which is the final episode), will deliver another fantastic cooking tutorial. 

The running joke and mystery of the “Bosa Carnival” is one that I am intrigued by and hope it will be further expanded upon in the next episode. Perhaps the viewers will be able to witness the magnitude of the carnival and all it has to offer. 

Just like in Cagliari, the people of Bosa are just as welcoming and friendly. The people of Sardinia are lovely and I will definitely be booking a holiday there (in the foreseeable future).

Episode 5 is now streaming on Britalians TV and Amazon Prime Video in the UK and the US.

By Britalians TV
Written by
Emeka Diamond

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