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January 3, 2022 - By Marc Vezzi

Nadia’s International Academy in Florence helps you realise your dreams!

Good morning Britalians TV viewers!


On a sultry English afternoon, a full 23°, the picturesque daredevils (for the occasion) Marco and Erica welcome us into their humble kitchen!

She’s wearing a floral shirt, he’s wearing a diamond-patterned shirt.

Today’s character is fantastic! An artist! Who has made a great career!

Erica would also like to be a painter in another life! Her creations so far have been like explosions of sun, moon, styles. But then ours weren’t able to sell these masterpieces. Next!


Like every time in these quarantine episodes, because of Covid, we can’t host a band in the kitchen, so the two Italians abroad sing by themselves! Damn them!

Today they go and bother an artist of the contemporary scene, Ed Sheeran! And they interpret Castle On The Hill! It’s up to you to decide: pollice recto, or pollice verso?


Nadia Molugova is the director and founder of the Florence Classical Arts Academy!

She is reporting from Florence, where she is in quarantine.

In the background are her paintings, with the blond of her hair, which Marco says suits the frames of the paintings perfectly.

After all, Marco has had his hair done blond to match his cooking… Oops, we’ve revealed the secret of the colour, sorry Marco!


The idea of founding this Academy came to her when she was 18 years old, when she saw a flock of birds, like in the scenes of Hitchcock’s The Birds, going in different directions and heard a voice foreshadowing something special in the field of art.


In fact, she graduated in Russia, came to Italy and graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, and her vision became reality because she founded this institute, where classical education is passed on, with many professors who are also Russian.


Nadia holds a giant paintbrush in her hand as she speaks. And Erica then asks: “Do you use brushes when they don’t do the right things?” 

In general, brushes come in different sizes depending on what you want to do: if you want to be expressive you use the big brush, otherwise, if you have to go into the detail you use the smaller ones. Then it depends on the technique you need to use.

Just think that on average a painter has about 50 brushes at his disposal!

And no, Marco, they don’t use forks and spoons, but their fingers more for shading. Forgive Marco!


Let’s move on to the works in the background!

To the left is Cortina D’Ampezzo.

In the centre is another one in the works, with a man on a wagon with a son.

Marco: “Why does the light only illuminate the son and not the father? Isn’t the father important?

Marco Marco! A painting also arouses different feelings depending on who is looking at it!

Marco: “In fact, Erica and I always disagree about paintings!”


Then there is a reproduction of a man’s head. Marco: “Is it one of your ex-boyfriends?”

It’s important the physiognomy of the human face, the proportions and which side to portray.

Marco: “I’m a nice guy but I don’t want to end up like that!”

Marco is amazing today!


To his right to finish a woman carrying a basket of laundry, not money Marco!

On the base of one of the models posing for the Academy.


How is the quarantine in Florence?

Nadia is married with two children, she is forced to stay at home in Florence and she is trying to make this quarantine less hard by doing what?

Paint on the walls of the house!

Marco: “Are you thinking of selling these walls or putting them in the art gallery?”

If someone offers a good price for ninja turtles and planets, sure!

Erica is also happy when Marco paints on the walls, right Erica?


Nadia started to be passionate about art when she was little.

Because all children have dreams.

And she wanted to draw.

In Russia, there is a school for practical applications and art for children, but she was still too young to get in at 6 years old.

Her grandmother brought her there because she had expressed her great desire to study there and even though she was too young they accepted her and she entered as the youngest girl in the school.

An example of the fact that when you want something, you go and get it, nobody can stop you!


At one time, pre-Covid and children travelled a lot, every month. Now not at all, but soon she will start again, especially first stop America for an exhibition of her School.


Marco’s embarrassing question moment“Did you ever fall in love with artists before you found your husband, or afterwards?”

No, because according to her they are peculiar despite their intelligence, it is not easy to be around them! And she also recognises herself in that!

Marco: “The head guy in the background knows that. He has learned the hard way!”

Nadia: “And he has to shut up!”


While travelling Nadia takes quick squirts.

Instead, when she has the chance, she devotes herself to plen air.


While painting, Nadia does not like to sing, she prefers to listen to something in the background, but this is because her brain is working and she does not have much time for anything else.

Marco: “I’ve never experienced this feeling of my brain working.” Erica laughs! Marco: “You should have said, “No Marco you’re so smart!””


However, Nadia spends her quarantine looking after her children.

Waking up several times a night for them, she is not very bright and fresh in the morning to paint, also because they don’t go to kindergarten or school so she has to look after them. And she has to manage them.

Marco: “When I want something I always call my mum. What’s up? I need this!

And she says: “There, done!”. When I want to have a melee instead I call my dad.” Ah, Marco Marco!


So Nadia sells paintings all over the world, mostly landscapes, and for the more eccentric like Marco, portraits. Her compositions, on the other hand, she hardly sells, she feels very much her own.

In reality, she is not very focused on selling, she mainly dedicates herself to the Academy, to her family and then to creative projects.

Because she likes to teach and transmit, even to those who are at a very low level of competence but who dream of doing that job and have confidence in their abilities: with strength and tenacity you can achieve anything you want!


Her school is built on this.

You start step by step from the base upwards.

You participate in an international academy, but your diploma is also recognised in Italy.

Erica: “Can you become Michelangelo in the end?”

Nadia: “Of course! Even better!”

Marco: “If you become Michelangelo, do you have to change your name?”

Marco Marco!


This is an approach that then leads you to follow the style you feel you want to pursue.

You start with the basic rules, so how to make a good composition, with proportions and colours, understanding how to adopt different techniques and how to put them to use in your artwork. And after having the basics you can do anything, even abstraction!


Now she is thinking about broadening the horizons of this school, not only on the knowledge of classical art but also broadening the field to design, to the art of tattoos, always trying to achieve the dream you have in mind.


Answering questions from the audience Nadia then explains what the three years of the Academy consist of, going into the specifics of the curriculum, fantastic!

If you want to find out more, get in touch with her because it’s worth it.


The importance of noticing your talent and developing it, from the foundations to a certain level of basic knowledge, and then realising it yourself, but this time with a solid foundation to help you in your endeavours!


Brilliant, much better than the Ed Sheeran song sung at the beginning!

Marco: “I hope you enjoyed the show and the song at the beginning. Ed Sheeran should be happy with me singing his songs. We’re going to go and text him and see what he thinks!” Erica: “And he’ll join us!” Marco: “The next few weeks, so watch out!”

Aaaaaa, that’s what the song is for!

Until next time!


By Britalians TV
Written by
Marc Vezzi

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