You are currently viewing Discovering the Beautiful Estonia: the Secret Country with Lots of Surprises

Discovering the Beautiful Estonia: the Secret Country with Lots of Surprises

Discovering the Beautiful Estonia: the Secret Country with Lots of Surprises
July 7, 2021 - By Elisa Forte

Marco and Erica meet Kadri and Jana from Visit Estonia to talk everything Estonia from mouth-watering bread to cutting-edge digitalisation, extraordinary landscapes and wildlife, they told us why Estonia should be next in your travel bucket-list

Estonia is the protagonist of this new episode of Between 2 Italians. From Visit Estonia offices, Kadri Gröön e Jana Kutšinskaja will share all the treasures of Estonia. Marco and Erica have already had the opportunity to explore it, but they are already dreaming of coming back soon!

Estonian bread is the first topic: it is delicious and restaurants’ success depends on its quality. If bread is bad, it is probable that the place will get really bad reviews from clients! 

But Estonia is much more than that! Cutting-edge in terms of digitalisation, it offers wonderful landscapes with a lot of wildlife. Speaking of which, Kadri and Jana are going bearwatching next week! That would definitely be an amazing experience!

Marco and Erica are in love with this country! During their visit, they had the opportunity to connect with extraordinary people, try many activities and eat delicious food. Moreover, they found out that Estonia is a progressive country in terms of online services: people can access many services directly from home. They cannot wait to continue their tour to discover much more about it! 

Kadri and Jana suggest that summer is the perfect time to come because it doesn’t get completely dark. The summer capital Parnu is the ideal city where you can relax, take nice walks, enjoy good food and go to the spa.

During winter months it’s possible to find such a thick layer of ice that allows one to visit Estonian islands by car. What is interesting is that people don’t have to wear seat belts! 

Moreover, local people are used to swimming in the cold water once a week to strengthen their immune systems. Saunas are such a popular activity that it’s common to find saunas in private houses and flats as well! 

What makes Estonia such a special country? Kadri and Jana say that Estonia is a big secret itself: it is a small country, not widely known, but with a lot of surprises! Kadri and Jana might be biased, but Marco and Erica confirm their words. They have wonderful memories of Estonia!

They are looking forward to visiting Estonia again! Have you ever been there?

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