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Discovering the beautiful India

Discovering the beautiful India
July 19, 2021 - By Elisa Forte

Marco and Erica meet the travel blogger Heena Raheja

From Bangalore, India, Heena Raheja is the farthest guest ever interviewed by Britalians TV. Marco and Erica cannot wait to delve into the Indian culture, plenty of such different traditions, yet so fascinating! 

The conversation starts talking about bindi, the so-called third eye located between the eyebrows. Marco wants to see clearly: does anyone wearing glasses need an additional lens for the third eye? 

To better understand the Indian culture, it’s time to talk about religion. Marco and Erica learn that there are many many gods, even more than 2000! How is it possible to cope with so many gods? Are they in competition? 

How is the Indian weather? What about animals? Heena says that it is possible to find tigers and elephants in the southern part of India. Erica is curious: can elephants work as a means of transport? Marco suggests coming by India, choosing an elephant and taking it home. Marco and Erica clearly need a pet to go through the quarantine, but are they sure that an elephant is a good idea? Heena brings them back to reality: it’s not possible to find elephants in cities, but only in the several natural parks across India. 

About Heena, how is she coping with the quarantine? She is definitely busier than before because she has to take care of the house, where she is spending the quarantine with her husband and her sister. But she was well prepared: she created a Whatsapp group where she daily assigns the chores. She even identified a way to punish those who don’t do the assigned chores. Try this at home! 

As a travel blogger, Heena misses travelling a lot, but she is trying to focus on her projects by creating new content for her social media, while waiting for the pandemic to be over.
Marco and Erica are interested to know something more about India: how much does a house cost on average? Are they planning a trip to India or are they even thinking of moving there? 

As usual, it’s time to challenge the guest: one opponent has to sing a song with some water in the mouth and the other one has to guess the name of the song. This doesn’t seem easy at all! Let’s see who manages to win! 

The first part of the journey across India is over. But Marco and Erica have already planned a second interview with Heena. See you soon then! 

By Britalians TV
Written by
Elisa Forte , Elisa Forte

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