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Doctor by Day, Bodybuilder by Night

Doctor by Day, Bodybuilder by Night
February 15, 2022 - By Rosie Howe

Adolfo Mabedo, an incredible man who balances life between being a professional sportsman bodybuilder and a surgeon, on Britalians TV now! To hear how he does this, his tips and all about bodybuilding keep reading or stream the episode to see the real life interaction…


Becoming a Bodybuilder “It was a Dream come True”

You may be asking yourself how does someone juggle both bodybuilding and becoming a doctor, when speaking to Marco and Erica, Adolfo reveals how he does this and the starts of his bodybuilding passion.  Adolfo told Marco and Erica that he has been doing bodybuilding for roughly 12/13 years, which is a huge chunk of hif life so far but how did it all begin? 


Beginning of Bodybuilding- “I was always kicked out of the gym…I was 8 years old”

Marco and Erica asked Adolfo if bodybuilding was always something he wanted to do, he said that from a little boy he would watch superman and always wanted to be like him. When he realised that real life people were out there doing this, he thought they were incredible and wanted to be just like them; Arnold Schwarzenegger being one of these men. His grandpa would tell him to eat more as he was a small boy, so he would force himself to eat more and more so he could gain strength, he says that “I was always kicked out of the gym” at only 8 years old …he now says that becoming a bodybuilder “was a dream come true”.

Adolfo talks about his sporting life in school and says he grew up in sport, trying every type out but ended up committing to rugby more seriously, he was never the ‘big’ one in his team and was actually relatively small compared to the others.


How To Train Like Adolfo

Adolfo is now a HUGE man but admits he wasn’t born like that, it took a lot of patience and hard work to get where he is today.

“How long do you train for in a day?”, Marco and Erica asked, and to many of our surprises he said “1 hour a day”. To be so muscley a lot of us would probably assume that you need to be in the gym 24/7 but Adolfo gave us all a helping hand and told us that our body only produces testosterone for 45 minutes and then the body will go into shock and start over producing hormones such as cortisol- anyone wanting gym tips should keep reading as Adolfo shares lots of tips later in the interview.


Studying to Become a Surgeon

Whilst being a professional sportsman bodybuilder, Adolfo is also training to become a surgeon, which he says he finds balance in by always being well rested. He also says it has helped him with his bodybuilding as he has studied sports science and medicine which has allowed him to find things out about his body which he wouldn’t have been able to otherwise- he now has a better understanding and can train more efficiently. 

He also admitted that it isn’t too difficult balancing the 2 lives at the moment but it may get harder when he’s fully qualified and stuck at hospitals with more responsibility. Let’s hope for another interview with Adolfo when he is qualified to catch up and see how he is balancing the 2 then!

Would it be a Marco and Erica #TALKSHOW episode if there wasn’t a silly question asked? No…Marco asked “are the muscles helping you in surgery?,” to which Adolfo replied that in trauma surgery you “need strength to cut bones”, to see the witty conversation live, watch the full interview over on Britalians TV now. 


Adolfo’s Tips for Bodybuilding

I’m sure that Adolfo is an inspiration to many gym fanatics out there, who are all keen to learn his ways to success…here they are:

  1. Be patient– take it slow and don’t take shortcuts”- he says that many people rush and don’t wait for results, this is a huge mistake and it takes time to build muscle- as previously mentioned, he has been doing it for 12 years. Being patient is key.
  2. Always Be Consistent– it is a lifestyle, not just about working out. Everything comes into it, your diet, sleep schedule, it is all so important.
  3. Rest– Adolfo says a lot of people make the mistake of going to the gym but not allowing their  muscles to repair, going to the gym breaks the muscles down and resting allows them to grow and repair. No rest = no gains!
  4. Diet– He eats a lot of amino acid in meat which helps as eating good is a big part of gaining muscles, when trying to bulk or get ready for a competition, Adolfo will eat 4 meals a day (not including snacks), but other times he will be on a strict diet, it’s all dependant on what is coming up.


Competitions- “All about Social Media”

Marco and Erica asked Adolfo about body building competitions. He has seasons of competitions, so he may have loads of them back to back and then none for the rest of the year. However, he said the competitions have massively changed over the years and are now “all about social media ”, if they have a following etc. It used to be about the strongest one but it’s different now…social media is slowly taking over EVERYTHING!

Overall, it is obvious that Adolfo is a hard working man with a passion for sports and medicine so is able to balance 2 lives at the same time. Hands up if you could do what he does, or if you already do!

If you have found this interesting, you will no doubt love many other interviews on Britalians TV. 

Go and check Marco and Erica’s interview with Adolfo along with some other amazing people!


By Britalians TV
Written by
Rosie Howe , Erica Melargo

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