You are currently viewing Dr Rhona Eskander: cosmetic dentistry, Chelsea look, Pärla, charity.

Dr Rhona Eskander: cosmetic dentistry, Chelsea look, Pärla, charity.

Dr Rhona Eskander: cosmetic dentistry, Chelsea look, Pärla, charity.
February 7, 2022 - By Marc Vezzi

When the smile has more than 32 teeth!

Good morning Britalians TV viewers!

Try smiling: how are your teeth? What does your smile look like? Today’s guest is going to check your smiles, just as she did with our own Marco and Erica. She has the best smile you will see in your life. She has a Chelsea look! She is the inventor of the Chelsea smile!

Marco: “If you happened to smile at Chelsea you probably got him something like money or something!”

And who is this guest of ours?

Dr Rhona Eskander directly from her Chelsea Dental Clinic in London.


Our correspondents Erica and Marco bring happiness from the world to the world, interviewing beautiful, wonderful people from all over the world.

To introduce this new guest today we thought we would invite a famous band… oh no? Next? Do they do it themselves?

Great, this time Pharrell Williams really wouldn’t mind a really well-sung excerpt from Because I’m happy!


And this sympathy and enthusiasm are immediately released virtually inside our Rhona’s studio, so much so that her collaborators wonder who the two ‘madmen’ she is talking to are.

The beautiful and smiling Rhona is a citizen of the world. Her mother is Lebanese, her father is Egyptian. Unfortunately, and she regrets this now, she never wanted to learn Arabic, the language of her parents, well. Therefore, she now understands it and can speak it, but she cannot write or read and is not very fluent.

In any case, ابتسامة جميلة, “aibtisamat jamila”, she has a beautiful smile!


Why did she decide to be a cosmetic dentist?

Already at the age of twelve she had this idea, her parents said she was crazy. Everyone in her family is a doctor, her dad is a gynaecologist. Her aunt was a dentist. She understood that she wanted to be a dentist because she liked the relationship she had with her patients.

She became a dentist first and after five to six years she realised the great impact she had on her patients, on their lives, in terms of psychological wellbeing and the idea that smiling really does make you feel good.

And so wanting to give herself to people, she started to love cosmetic dentistry.


Dr Rhona Eskander speaks to us from her Chelsea Dental Clinic in London, recently reopened after the pandemic. The quarantine period has been difficult for them as dentists were forced to close and then return to work from 8 June listening to the BBC news, without any governmental warning. And it was difficult to reopen, following all the safety protocols.

So here they are, like so many Walter White’s grappling with his chemical experiments in The Breaking Bad, wearing specific masks like Pete “Maverick” Mitchell-Tom Cruise and his fellow pilots in flight in Top Gun.


Marco’s unbridled imagination and sympathy lead him to ask if Rhona ever had a client so petulant that she made him shut up by putting a mask on his face or something to make him sleep.

Obviously not.

But the opposite is true, i.e. clients who fell asleep. With a deep snoring noise attached in some cases, also due to the fact that they couldn’t talk or stay on the phone during the dentist’s work.


Just because it’s cosmetic doesn’t mean that Rhona will make your teeth bright and white, so bright that they glow at night, come on Marco!

Of course, it focuses on cosmetic dentistry, so for example repairing broken/chipped teeth, reshaping teeth (and not with a razor, for God’s sake Marco!), dental bridges, but in practice more broadly cleaning teeth and everything related to it.

So if they have a patient with a broken tooth, for example, they don’t glue it with the normal glue that Marco uses to repair ceramics! But they use special techniques. In short: the best they can!


Rhona talks to us wearing a super sexy green dress. Actually, it’s what she wears for work but it looks great! And we’re sure she would look good in any kind of dress!

So much so that she’s already been spotted by a few people.

Alas, Marco, she is no longer on the market, she has a Greek boyfriend whose identity is still being kept under wraps, one more mystery for the audience to solve!


The quirky Marco is always attracted to strange things and it is up to him to ask our Rhona the most peculiar question: “Have you ever experienced any paranormal situations while doing your dental work, so alien teeth, like a tooth with 12 roots for example?”

Rhona laughs, tries to ask colleagues, looks around.

Not really, at Chelsea she never had those situations.

There was a very touching one, when she was a student, with a client who hadn’t brushed his teeth in forty years… you have the honour of hearing this story!

Certainly the best answer to this question given by our guests so far!


Anything we should know about her that hasn’t been asked yet?

Apart from supporting women in the workplace and being the only female dentist to win Best Young Dentist in the Private Dentistry Awards in three years, her love for her work and the people she treats goes beyond that to the environment and its protection!

After researching with colleagues, she discovered how many tubes of toothpaste end up in the oceans and landfills every year and how they are a major cause of pollution.

So she decided to create something different.

In 2020, Rhona co-founded the toothpaste tablet brand Pärla with dentists Simon Chard and Adarsh Thanki. The name means ‘pearl’ in Swedish and is an ethical and environmentally friendly alternative to toothpaste.

An innovative and planet-friendly creation.

It also contains fluoride, one of the most important ingredients often not found in kinds of toothpaste.


Marco: “Is there anything you have brought from Egypt or Lebanon into your business? Or in your life?”

Rhona has spent many years struggling to adapt to British culture. And from her heritage in particular she has taken the warmth of the Lebanese and Egyptian people. And this she has also brought into her studio to make it a family.


A warmth very similar to that of our two Ita-Britalians Marco and Erica, as such obliged to kiss and hug anyone wherever they are, and, according to Marco, even things and animals!


Rhona is also the creator of the Chelsea look: what does that mean? Cosmetic dentistry is often understood as something that can make you artificially change your look completely from the way you look naturally, maybe even make your teeth white and perfect. Instead, Rhona decided to target the people who came to her because they liked their natural, unadulterated teeth. She didn’t mean that she would make them perfect by working with a hammer and nail so Marco! But she thought she would pursue this concept of a natural look and named it ‘Chelsea’, as she thought it was a lovely part of London where the popular atmosphere seemed very suitable for this idea.


Marco: “C’è qualcosa che tu hai portato dall’Egitto o dal Libano nel tuo business? O nella tua vita?”


In the interview, there is also room for an audience question: ‘Have you ever felt like giving up in your career? What motivated you?”

Rhona sees failures as an opportunity for growth. Already at school she had this passion to become a dentist but was told she had to be good at manual skills to become one, particularly drawing and playing a musical instrument, which she was not. However, when she attended a jewellery class she was good with her hands at moulding shapes etc. Then, with her passion and determination, she disproved what was said about her not being good at it.

Fear and problems in life give you an opportunity to grow in some way. It is the feeling that makes you see an easier goal and reach it.

As Marco says, and we have to agree here, personal development is a way of life and the key to your sanity and becoming satisfied.

And as Erica says this makes the profession in this case not just being a dentist but making people happy. And also to take care of the environment.


In addition to these beautiful messages, Rhona has also decided to help people in need. She doesn’t talk about it much because she doesn’t do it to be recognised but she works in associations to collect money for the homeless. In particular, she sleeps outside her house like the homeless and collects money which she then leaves to charity. And this is because we often have everything we want and even more than we need. With a small gesture, we can help those who are less fortunate.

So, Marco, get ready, and we’ll keep an eye on you in case you think of booking hotels and playing the smart-ass!


So let’s leave Rhona who has been very inspiring. Thank you, Rhona! “shukrana lak ya runa!”

شكرا لك يا رونا!

A great person who really loves and motivates. Who suggests stories and gives a lot to the world and humanity!

Unmissable episode. If you have any questions send them to us, we will not ignore them (as Marco says), on the contrary! And keep following these stories that are good for the heart in the next episodes! Hello beautiful!


By Britalians TV
Written by
Marc Vezzi

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