From Bible seller to singer: interview to Marco Cantiello
July 29, 2021 - By Elisa Forte

Marco and Erica connect with the Italian soul singer Marco Cantiello

Marco and Erica recharged their energies with a morning workout and now they are ready to welcome their next guest. It’s the Italian singer Marco Cantiello. He starts talking about his life between London and Bristol, a smaller and quieter city where he prefers to live. 

Let’s talk about his singing career: how does he usually dress up during shows? He usually has a classic style: suit during the first part of the show and then a bow-tie, a white shirt and something glittery in the second part.

Marco and Erica are gobsmacked by his singing performance. What an incredible voice! Guess the song!

It’s time to make the interview spicier: what about his dating life? After a few awkward moments, Marco admits that he is very happy with his boyfriends. His dating life hasn’t always been that easy, since it has been difficult to find the right balance between the working and the private life. It’s not easy, but there is always a chance to find love! 

The interview continues with questions to get to know him better: what are his biggest strengths? Marco describes himself as an easily adaptive and flexible person; he has done so many jobs that helped him to face changes and challenges. Let’s hear something about the weirdest job done so far: selling bibles when he was 16!

What are the weirdest things that happened to him when he was on stage? He remembers two episodes very well: once he forgot to zip up after going to the toilet and another time he started singing with a microphone that was not working. His career is not over yet, so he will collect more embarrassing memories. Britalians TV is always willing to hear that! 

Considering his experience as bibles seller, Marco and Erica would like to know more about his relationship with god and religion. He has always identified himself as agnostic, but now it’s more a question mark period. However, he sees it as an ethical issue: if someone has moral principles that guide his life, he or she will behave accordingly, regardless of the existence of god. 

To lighten the mood: what are the 5 things that he likes the most? Try to guess! 

It’s now time for the Between 2 Italians ritual question: what would he do if becoming a ghost for one day? He has no doubts: he would love to spy on people, especially those he doesn’t like, and then use the information gathered against them. Let’s find out together why he has this desire! 

Marco and Erica are really happy to have an amazing singer with them, so they ask him to sing a song to end the interview in the way possible! 

By Britalians TV
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Elisa Forte , Elisa Forte

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