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From law to the film industry: Zoe Chiriseri talks about her career

From law to the film industry: Zoe Chiriseri talks about her career
August 27, 2021 - By Elisa Forte

Marco and Erica interview the filmmaker and journalist Zoe Chiriseri

Marco and Erica have already met Lisa Chiriseri and today they are ready to connect with her sister Zoe. She has such a rich and interesting background and Marco and Erica are excited to find out more about her life and projects. 

Originally from Zimbabwe, Zoe studied law before moving to journalism and filmmaking. Although she has decided to leave law aside, her education enabled her to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to easily juggle within the film industry. That’s not an easy field where to succeed in, but she is working hard! Zoe is the co-founder of SWIFT (Sisters Working in Film and Television), which is an organisation supporting women in an area mainly dominated by men.

Zoe moved to New York a couple of months ago to deepen her studies and work on many different projects, both as a journalist and a filmmaker. At the moment, she working on the film It takes a circus in New Jersey.

How is she coping with quarantine? The first month was very difficult because she is far from home and her husband, but she has a lot of work that keeps her busy. Moreover, she enjoys living in New York, a multicultural city made up of a lot of friendly people. What surprised her is that a lot of stuff works the other way around, such as door locks! 

Does she prefer to work backstage or on stage? Zoe would love to challenge herself as an actress, but she thinks that it would likely be a hobby rather than a real job for her. That’s because her main strength is to get stuff done backstage, such as in the production of films. In particular, she enjoys quite a lot planning and creating stuff from the beginning. 

Speaking of which, she is currently working on the production of a film in South Africa. Zoe cannot say too much about it, but she shares something with Britalians TV! It’s a dot comedy about a man who decided to make a big change in his life, after discovering that he hasn’t much time left. The end will leave you speechless!

What about journalism? What moved her in this direction? Does she have a specific writing style? Zoe tells about his approach and makes few points about some journalism fields where she wouldn’t work, such as court reporting.

It has been very inspiring to listen to Zoe telling about her experiences and her projects! Marco and Erica cannot wait to meet her in person! 

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Elisa Forte , Elisa Forte

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