From Nairobi, the Founder of the Brand Lookslike Avido: Be Patient, Resilient and You will Achieve Your Dreams!
July 8, 2021 - By Elisa Forte

Marco and Erica meet the fashion stylist David Avido Ochieng

From Nairobi, David Avido Ochieng is today’s guest on Between 2 Italians. He is the founder of Lookslike Avido, a fashion brand located in Kibera, which is the biggest slum of Nairobi and even the biggest urban slum of the entire Africa. 

With a past as a dancer, it was while making clothes for dancing exhibitions that he realised his passion and talent for fashion. His love for fashion is still present, as his pieces tell stories and spread emotions. 

Right from the beginning of the conversation, Marco and Erica have been impressed by David, his approach to life and his bond with the community of Kibera. Due to the coronavirus emergency, David and his team have decided to produce and provide masks for free to protect the entire community. They have already distributed 12 thousand masks so far! David is also supporting Kibera by creating new opportunities for as many people as possible. Because of the difficulties to find a job in Kibera and because of his past, David is trying his best to make things better and to help people find a job and have a carefree life. 

Right now, David is working on masks, clothes, backpacks and fanny packs and he tells Marco and Erica something about his creative process and his main source of inspiration: Kibera. They cannot wait to visit him in Kibera, a community made up of loving and helpful people. 

Marco and Erica would like to ask him more questions to get to know him: how did he feel when he received the Presidential Honorary Award? How is he involving his family in his career? Which suggestion would he like to give to anyone working to make a dream come true?

David is certain: great things take time and hard work! Be patient, resilient and you will achieve your dreams! 

David tells how he and his community are coping with the quarantine. That’s a really tough situation but they are trying their best! 

What’s about the future? David is working on creating new opportunities and sharing love around him. He tries to live in the moment to make small and daily improvements that could benefit the entire community of Kibera. Marco finds it difficult to live in the present moment, as he is already worried about the heavy rain that he’s going to expect tomorrow!

It has been a really inspiring interview! David shares one last thought: don’t wait for love to come to you, but look for it and share it! Asante David! 

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Elisa Forte , Elisa Forte

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