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From Russia to Hollywood: the career of Sofya Skya

From Russia to Hollywood: the career of Sofya Skya
August 9, 2021 - By Elisa Forte

Marco and Erica interview the actress Sofya Skya

From her office in Moscow, the Hollywood actress Sofya Skya is the next guest on Between 2 Italians

Sofya is an actress, ballerina and she is also the founder of Real Art Studio. Born in St. Petersburg, where she spent her youth, she later moved to Ufa, Moscow and then Los Angeles, where she was introduced to Hollywood. All these experiences improved her personal and professional background, but they also made her aware of her strong connection with her motherland Russia. For that reason, she came back to Russia where she is spending the quarantine working on her online acting school to share what she has learnt over the years. 

Are there differences in terms of acting between Russia and the USA? Sofya confirms and she explains that this is the reason why she has decided to open an acting school in Russia. She also shares some tips for those wishing to become actors: working hard everyday is the key to getting closer to our dreams!

Speaking of her experience in Hollywood, how was it? Sofya has been fascinated by its energetic and motivating atmosphere. She found it interesting that everyone in Hollywood is a Hollywood person, which means that everyone is in a certain way connected to the industry. Sofya also had the opportunity to see other stars living their everyday life. It might be incredible to believe, but most of them have to cook for themselves! 

Marco and Erica are always interested in investigating the dating life of their guest: how is her current situation? Sofya is not single and she is mother of a 4-years-old boy.

During her life, Sofya moved quite a lot from one city to another. Does she still enjoy travelling? She does. Right before the quarantine, she had been to Spain where she spent unforgettable moments. Sipping sangria in the Spanish atmosphere is what she would like to do right now!

Has she ever dreamt of being a man? Let’s listen to what she would like to do if becoming a man for two days! And if she had the opportunity to be a ghost for one day? She would like to read minds to understand people’s actions.

It’s time to challenge her acting skills: deliver the same line with three different emotions. It is no coincidence that she is a Hollywood actress!

Marco and Erica have a couple of last questions. What does she have in the pipeline? Sofya is working on her online acting school, on a couple of new projects and she is spending a lot of time with her son.

Besides being an excellent actress, Sofya is a hard worker and passionate person! She gave us a lot of good energy!

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