You are currently viewing Gossip, Career Tips and Being a Britalian- Actress Jane Alexander tells all!

Gossip, Career Tips and Being a Britalian- Actress Jane Alexander tells all!

Gossip, Career Tips and Being a Britalian- Actress Jane Alexander tells all!
August 2, 2021 - By AnumitaBagchi

Marco and Erica engage with someone who embodies the real Britalian spirit- Actress Jane Alexander. After an incredibly rousing performance of Castle on the Hill, (Ed Sheeran would be proud), Marco and Erica immediately get Jane talking about her status as a Britalian, since she was born in England but moved to Rome, where her parents lived, at only 10 days old!  Jane Alexander explains that due to her parents being dubbers and voice actors, she has an American accent, but she has a British passport, greatly relates to ‘the English way’ and is used to putting the kettle on to solve her problems, just like most Brits! Marco and Erica clearly have great chemistry with Jane, chatting about the differences between English and Italian life, like singing on balconies and banging pots and pans in the street… but soon it is time to talk about acting!


Jane explains that she almost never has played the good guy, but rather gets cast as the villain or even the more risque characters. While her voice is often up for discussion as to whether or not her accent changed when she speaks Italian, Jane says that she reserves her singing for the shower, which is really very relatable! Of course, when interviewing an actress, Marco and Erica must issue their usual acting challenge, which Jane naturally excels at- you really must see it for yourself!


After properly putting Marco in his place about Erica’s dating life of old, Jane gives us some career tips, especially for performers- always know your lines, keep studying, and always listen to other people, no matter how much experience you have- such fantastic tips! She tells us lots about what she has learned throughout her career, including accepting criticism and practising discipline, which is certainly important in all walks of life. Erica and Marco’s curiosity persists, so if you watch the full episode, you will find out about Jane’s relationship, how she deals with secrets, if she’s ever had a run-in with the law, and of course, what she would do if she were a ghost for a day… or even a man!


As all the best guests do, Jane shares what she’s been up to during the quarantine- eating lots, lying on the sofa, and binge-watching lots of TV shows, so she’s really just like us! However, she’s also been keeping busy with her dog, three cats, partner and teenage son, which does seem like quite a handful. Like many of us, Jane has turned to gardening during lockdown, so while she leaves the DIY to her man, she does have quite the green thumb. 


From dubbing, to working behind the scenes as a language coach, Jane shares with us the story of how she got into acting, which even includes a little bit of gameshow hosting. Like many people in creative industries, Jane reveals that she also struggles to tell if her acting is good enough, but she makes sure to enjoy herself, and that is what really matters. What a wonderful message to take away from a wonderful person!

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