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Hayden Joseph on All Things Country Music

Hayden Joseph on All Things Country Music
July 27, 2021 - By AnumitaBagchi

Hayden Joseph talks to Marco and Erica about music, hair stylists, and much more!

Marco and Erica get chatting to the American singer Hayden Joseph in this fun-packed episode of Between 2 Italians. After a little appreciation for the comforts of working from home (coffee right behind you if you’re working from your kitchen!), you’ll be treated to some seriously intense opera from Marco! Seriously, he’s a man of many talents. Naturally, there’s a little confusion as to whether this is an interview with Joseph Haydn, the classical composer, or Hayden Joseph… spoiler alert, it’s the latter! 


Hayden is a musician who has recently moved from New York to Nashville, Tennessee, home of country music and hot chicken! He describes New York as “the most conveniently inconvenient city”, but Nashville is apparently where you have to live for the country music scene. Hayden proves that he truly belongs there with a beautiful snippet of one of his new songs, called Different, with which he shows us his incredible voice. While Erica is wowed by the romanticism of the song, Hayden and Marco think that country music is perfect for driving! 


Marco asks about the sources of Hayden’s inspiration, and he agrees that he finds it all around him, from everything and everyone around him. Since this is his first album, the new music encompasses a really big period of his life, getting inspiration from his friends and family too. While Marco tries out some lyrics of his own, about not finding mozzarella at the supermarket, Hayden explains how he tries to make his lyrics relatable, even if they’re not quite so mundane! Hayden strikes a chord (pardon the pun) with Marco and Erica, as he shares their values of appreciating everyone’s differences, and accepting and living your own uniqueness. He says it’s taken his whole life so far to reach the point where he can love what makes him different, but it’s certainly worth the wait! 


Erica asks the key question- how did Hayden get into music? He shares that he’s been singing casually and in talent shows since he was just a little kid, and reveals that he’s been secretly writing his own material in his bedroom since he was a teenager. He only joined a record label two years ago, and having gone to college, he never expected to find such success in his music career, but he loves it. Just like Marco, Erica, and so many of their guests, he’s found a way to “hustle” and live off what he loves, which is all any of us can hope for! 


Marco gets more than a little envious over Hayden’s youth and his ability to “wake up like this”, since his hair looks so polished despite it being 8 am where he is! Cosmetics aside, Hayden, at the time of this interview, had just released an EP and was working on booking lots of live shows to get settled in Nashville. His new album, which he was still compiling around that time, is out now. This interview is super fun and light-hearted, so make sure you check it out- you’ll even get to hear a little bit about Hayden’s dating life, as well as hearing his wonderful voice!

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