August 31, 2021 - By Elisa Forte

Marco and Erica #TALK SHOW opens doors to the actress Holly Mumford, already well-known by the audience of Britalians TV

The new season of Marco and Erica #TALK SHOW begins at the best with Holly Mumford’s return. A lot has changed in her life since the last time she was on Britalians TV and Holly is happy to update us about her family’s new entry, the web series she wrote and produced and her new life in Milan


Welcome, Maggie!

Previously divided between Italy and the UK, Holly is now based in Milan, where she lives with her husband and her daughter Maggie, a big new entry in her life. It is her daughter that empowers her to keep going and believe in her work. However, she is not working on a lot of projects because she does want to enjoy Maggie’s first moments and spend as much time as possible with her. 


Smoke and Mirrors’ success

Talking about her career, Marco and Erica congratulate on winning the Milan Gold Award for the best web series, the best actress and the most original story. Smoke and Mirrors is the web series written and produced by Holly and she is the actress as well. Tired of waiting for new opportunities to knock on the door, it was in the beginning of 2018 that she started writing. Her husband has been a great supporter because he encouraged her to be consistent and try her best. 

Where did she get the inspiration for the plot? Characters are fictional but her marriage and other couples met from all over the world represent an inspiration to talk about binational marriage. Indeed, although each situation has its peculiarities, Holly had the opportunity to notice that all marriages have many similarities that she decided to represent in Smoke and Mirrors


Life between Italy and the UK

About her everyday life, does she enjoy living in Italy? What does she miss the most about England? Holly feels at home in Italy, but she often misses her big family and the English countryside, of which she loves the colours and the smell. Marco suggests recreating the same atmosphere at home, but Holly does not find it a feasible idea since her house is already chaotic. What does she like about Italy? Holly talks about her love for taralli and she mentions enjoying the famous Italian aperitivo, especially Aperol Spritz!


What’s in the pipeline?

Marco and Erica ask her about her future plan and Holly hopes that Smoke and Mirrors can be her springboard to realise all her dreams. Wish you good luck, Holly! 

Are you curious to know how Brexit messed up her daily life? Go on Britalians TV to find it out and watch the entire episode! 

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