How do You start a Global Movement to Bring Social Change?
September 27, 2021 - By Roua Alkhalaf

Marco and Erica Meeting the Remarkable Founder of World Cow, DJ Barry

Hello Everyone!

I think we all know that Marco and Erica’s message from Britalians TV can be represented in many forms, and it seems they found their match during their talk show with DJ Barry, the founder of World Cow!

Throughout this journey, DJ introduces his message, his beginning and social change with World Cow, his perspective about Street art, and other exciting angels of his life.


Cow = Unity

Marco could not hold his curiosity and start with the same question we all wondered about. So before we go deep with DJ’s message of all his huge movement, we better know why a Cow? not a rabbit, a bird, or Cobra! Well, DJ lives in Vermont. So what else would he choose but a peaceful cow?

Then they moved on to DJ’s message of his global movement, and it is AMAZING. What makes World Cow much more impressive is that it totally lines in with Britalians TV! they both seek to spread equality, love, and unity! What a match. As a result, DJ donated 50-100% of the sales of his paintings to charity. “Claps.” How wonderful celebrating people like this.

Erica and Marco started painting their own cow, but Marco’s cow seemed like a chicken. DJ thinks it is okay if you draw your cow differently, and this is what World Cow seeks to make everyone appreciate and respect because “We are all spots on the same cow.”


The Cow Kick Start

Marco goes deep and asks how DJ started and how he and his movement became in this version. DJ began by selling his stencils in public places, but then he realized he had to initiate, not wait for people to do so! Therefore he started giving his paintings and stencils for free, and he received incredible responses from people! So Congrats DJ, you effectively applied what’s called “Cultural exchange!”

So after the first YES! DJ received, it took only one month for DJ’s art and message to fly from Vermont into all over the world! And here comes DJ’s dream closer and closer.


DJ and his Daughter

DJ sees that this movement needs continuity, so he thought of passing it on one day to his daughter to complete what her father started. His daughter, when she was two years old, she knew where Asia was just by pointing it on the map on the cow! What a great representation of world cow culture!

It looks like DJ showed the world how drawing a cow has become a tool for education. So much so that he tried to make World Cow stuff  for kids.

Well, not only children benefit from World Cow, but all generations. DJ declared he is looking for partners to make people involved and participate more actively in this social movement.


The Bright Social Change

Guess who works with the democratic republic in the Congo! Yes, it’s DJ Barry! An enormous part of World Cow profits goes to the people most in need of such global movements. Disaster orphans outside America, the homeless, low-income people and others inside America have reached them – even with difficulty – art supplies that enable them to draw their own cows and create their own art.


Streat Art

As an ambitious and enthusiastic person, DJ would not only quit his job for World Cow but would indeed strive to spread his message by painting everywhere and in as many ways as possible. How is that? Marco and Erica wonder, what is so special about DJ’s art? Isn’t everyone painting street art? Of course, but no one paint with stencils!

Another thing people are not used to in street art is receiving a message of humanity behind a painting, but DJ achieved this. Such as when people notice the map on the cow, they get interested in what this poster means, and that’s just the beginning!

DJ enthusiasm increases when Marco and Erica promise to find a big wall in London to paint a giant cow on. Of course, they didn’t want him to paint on Big Ben!


From IT guy to Cow guy

Then, the conversation takes a turn when Marco asks, “How long has it been before you left your job?” DJ answers that he was in an exciting transition period. Previously, it was just a global movement, but it’s his whole life after quitting his job!

DJ’s beginnings were from 2015-2016 where he was working full time as an IT guy in the hospital. It was a good job, but he was facing boredom and a lack of interest at work. Well, he was basically working on World Cow for a few years while working in the hospital, but he wasn’t happy. So he needed to prove himself in something that interests him, likes and enjoys. And as for how far DJ has come in his passion for World Cow? Enough for you to know that everyone in Vermont is calling him the Cow guy now!

DJ thinks he should focus and get involved in this movement to see a real change in people. So he wanted to use his stencils more effectively to spread one of his messages that wherever you are, whoever you are, you are capable of whatever you want. DJ said, for example, that when people saw the result of their drawing, they were amazed at what they could achieve, and this is a promising start to feel confident and get out of their comfort zone and fulfil dreams.



Interested in knowing the exciting story behind World Cow? What about the significant initiatives that DJ achieved from the profits of his movement? You will find all this and more in DJ Barry’s full episode on Britalians TV. You can also have some stencils and get a “We are all spots on the same cow” T-shirt!”

By Britalians TV
Written by
Roua Alkhalaf

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