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How Marc Spelmann and Magician X Made it to the Finals on Britain’s Got Talent

How Marc Spelmann and Magician X Made it to the Finals on Britain’s Got Talent
December 31, 2021 - By Lama Almugbell

Is learning some magic tricks on your New Year’s goals list? or are you looking for a great Confidence Booster?

Marc Spelmann AKA Magician X joins Marco and Erica #TALKSHOW and shares how Magic helped him get out of his shell and reveals some magicians’ secrets 

Marc Spelmann is a magician that you might recognize from Britain’s Got Talent astounding perfomances. He joins our presenting duo Marco and Erica in this episode of Marco and Erica #TALKSHOW to share his story and introduce us on how magic can take on many forms and invites us to reflect on the genius there is in simplicity. 


Tricks Based on Reality, Psychology and Physics

Magic has methods and it can be achieved in different ways. “We use scientific principles, we use psychological principles as well and human behaviour” Marc told Marco and Erica. In addition, there are other ways but Marc chose not to share and gave us a wink.

Marc went on and explained how magicians use psychological principles saying that based on the country you’re from for example, they can guess what are the common things people will choose. Then they would ask them more questions to get a hint of what they choose. Those questions help the magicians get an idea about what exactly someone has chosen from the common things, while people believe that they have read their mind.

Catch this episode to see how talented Marc is in reading Marco’s mind!


Discovering Magic at a Young Age

Magicians are introduced to magic in many ways and they pursue it for several reasons. Talking to Marco and Erica, Marc explained how he discovered magic for the first time when he was a kid. “When I was a kid, I was really shy” He felt great when he was able to do something other could not do which for him was a confidence booster that helped him get out of his shell.

Another reason Marc got into magic is because he always loved special effects. “Now a lot of things in films are done with CGI, with computers. But when I was a kid, a lot of the special effects in films were done by the use of prosthetics and clever use of camera” said Marc.

Marc also told our presenting duo that back then he could reverse engineer what he saw magicians do and explained how he was able to do so.


Who is Behind the Mask of Magician X on Britains Got Talent?

When Marco and Erica asked Marc about his next shows and tricks, he took them a step back, actually three years ago, and told them about his participation on Britain’s Got Talent in 2018. When Marc went to Britain’s Got Talent for the first time, he got Ant and Dec’s Golden buzzer and made it to the semi-finals.

The next year, a magician called Magician X who made it to the finals. People back in 2019 were wondering who is behind the mask? It is Marc! He came back again to Britain’s Got Talent, this time with a mask, and made it to the finals and no one knows who he is.

Later on, he revealed that he is the man behind Magician X and performed many shows as Magician X “Even though people know that is me” commented Marc.

Speaking of shows, our presenting duo were curious to know if he is planning to take Magician X on tour. Marc replied that they had planned a show that was ready to be in theaters, but COVID-19 stole the show. Now that things are getting back to normal, Marc is being asked to bring the show back, but, he chose to rewrite it to give life to a show he thinks it will be more immersive and interactive.


“First time I amazed people was when I was 7 years old” 

On magic shows, people are amazed and wowed and, for sure, magicians feel happy when this happens. We asked Marc about his first time he amazed people with his tricks and he shared his story. 

When he was 7 years old, his grandmother gave him a magician set as a christmas gift. He immediately went to his room to discover it and practice the tricks. Two hours later, he came out for dinner and while his family was around the Christmas table he did his first trick and wowed them all. 


Want to know what was the trick and how his family reacted? Catch it on the episode!

Because Marc discovered magic at a young age, there are many things that have and still inspire him. “I love listening to music, and sometimes I can listen to a piece of music and then I can see a trick to that piece of music” Marc told our presenting duo how music inspires him. Plus, he also gets inspiration by watching different types of shows, not only magic shows, but other shows as well.


Magic Tricks Could Go Wrong, in a Dangerous Way!

When someone talks about magic tricks, you might have thought about the possibility of it going wrong especially if there are sharp elements included in the trick. Marc once went wrong with a 5-6 inches nails that he hammered into his face in the wrong way and bled. Another time, he almost smashed his hand on a cup that had a sharp knife under.

Although magic can be dangerous sometimes, Marc’s daughter likes it. His daughter is only 5 and a half years old, but Marc believes that it is good to have the children explore things around them. “She does everything! She does gymnastic, she plays football, she plays the piano!” Marc talking about his daughter.

Marc would not be a great magician without his family’s support from a very young age, and his wife and daughter’s support now.  Watch the episode to get more insights about Marc Splemann and dive deep into how magicians  can trick your mind. 

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