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September 17, 2021 - By Elisa Forte

Realising that you are lost is the first move to get back in the driver’s seat of your life (Read realise that you have lost yourself). Before starting the journey toward your passion (How to find your passion is coming soon), you have to focus on yourself and on what makes you happy. 

Identify what you need for yourself and your happiness and leave everything else apart. Keep those people, habits, things and activities that are essential to you. Leaving things behind is difficult and painful, but it is important to let what is unnecessary go. You can decide to keep a few or a lot of things, but regardless of that, it would be your choice and what matters is that you keep only what is necessary, the rest deprives you of the energies that could be invested in your personal growth. 

For instance, filling your days with things to do and people to meet could be due to your hunger for knowledge and your desire to spend time with those you care about or due to your difficulty dealing with yourself. In that case, it is a defence strategy that takes you away from your happiness and well-being. 

Stop, breathe, reflect on what makes you happy and leave the rest aside, bearing in mind that you can take your time. Identifying what makes you happy is the first move to take care of yourself. 

By Britalians TV
Written by
Elisa Forte

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