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Jolene Legrand reveals when she fell in love with acting

Jolene Legrand reveals when she fell in love with acting
July 26, 2021 - By Elisa Forte

Marco and Erica interviews the young actress Jolene Legrand

A quick look at the latest news before welcoming the next guest. Marco and Erica are happy to interview the young actress Jone Lagrande. With Italian, French and Venezuelan roots, Jolene Legrand is a 21-year-old actress and model who has already lived through many important and hard moments. 

It was because of the kidney transplant that she realised that she wanted to become an actress. At that moment she started thinking about the meaning and the purpose of life and looking for what makes her happy and alive. These considerations and her curiosity led her to the awareness that acting could have become the means through which she could live a meaningful and satisfying life. 

Jolene moves on by telling how she dealt with the kidney transplant, her feelings and the impact that it has had on her life. Maybe her story will become a film. That would definitely be touching! 

How does she prepare for a role? Jolene uses Stanislavskij’s method, which enables her to connect with the characters and their universe. 

Marco has an interesting question: has she ever got in trouble? Jolene remembers pretty well the first time she went to London with her mum, who didn’t have her visa. For that reason, her mum was taken to jail, thus leaving Jolene alone with only a few pounds. Their trip to London was very short because they had to come back home. 

Which role would she like to play? Jolene would love to play a leading female character. In particular, she really appreciates complicated characters as they allow her to discover new and fascinating worlds.

Who inspires her? Is there any actress, actor or director with which she would love to work or which is her reference point? Jolene mentions Tarantino and his ability to never be boring. If she had the opportunity to talk with Tarantino to convince him to choose her for his next movie, what would she say? 

Besides acting, has she ever taken into consideration another career? No, she hasn’t. She wants to work hard to become a really good actress. 

It’s time for Between 2 Italians challenges: deliver the same line in three different ways. The line is: “Do you think you will be able to keep this secret?”. Let’s see what she has in mind!

What about the future? What is Jolene working on? 

It has been a pleasure Jolene and good luck with your future!

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Elisa Forte , Elisa Forte

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