Marco and Erica get Inspired with Sofya Skya
July 8, 2021 - By AnumitaBagchi

You can now watch Marco and Erica’s wonderful interview with Sofya Skaya, in which they have a cheerful and entertaining conversation with the Russian star. Sofya is a Hollywood actress, ballerina and acting coach who now has her own production and acting school. As always, Marco and Erica open the episode with a song, this time a very sweet performance of A Whole New World from Aladdin, which is definitely fitting for this episode, in which Sofya and our presenters discuss her travels throughout her career and all of the opportunities she has taken up away from home! 


Speaking live from her home near Moscow in Russia, Sofya Skya shares that she has moved around a lot for her career. While she was born in Leningrad, she moved to St Petersburg, then Ufa, for her ballet training as a young girl, and then to Los Angeles to study acting. Marco asks Sofya about her interest in travelling, to which she expresses the familiar feeling that the quarantine has made her miss it a lot! Sofya was recently in Spain to see a new studio, but Erica asks her how she spends her time now that she is in lockdown, and her answer is really impressive- she is working on opening an online school for acting. In the full interview you can see her views on the differences in acting and how it is taught in America and in Russia, as Marco asks, and how she is trying to make her programmes accessible to beginners, too. 


While Sofya keeps busy with all of the amazing acting, dancing, and teaching she does, she is also a mother. Marco and Erica are naturally curious about whether her son is an actor too, but Sofya reveals that he’s more of a director. Sofya being such a busy mother means that Marco didn’t get very far in asking about her dating life, though he gets a particularly juicy answer to the classic question of what Sofya would do if she woke up as a man, which involves dealing with her enemies, though you’ll have to watch to get more details! On the other hand, she does get a round of applause from our hosts for promising not to start a war, which is probably quite reassuring, given what she says she would do as a ghost! 


Marco and Erica’s conversation with Sofya is truly inspiring, and clearly has an impact on them, as in their post-interview chat, they discuss the importance of falling in love with your craft, practising it every day and simply making sure that you are passionate about what you do. If you would like to hear more of Sofya’s inspiring and heart-warming story of commitment and passion, or if you just want to see her absolutely nail her acting challenge, make sure you watch the full episode on Britalians TV!

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AnumitaBagchi , Anumita Bagchi

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