Marco and Erica talk to the founder of the Art movement that is taking the world by storm. Who is DJ Barry?
May 28, 2022 - By Lama Almugbell

DJ Barry, the founder of World Cow global brand, Marco and Erica #TALKSHOW guest takes us through his journey: How he started a one of a kind global movement, How he reached artists around the world and what the future holds for World Cow movement.

The World Cow movement…wait, why cow? DJ Barry has chosen a cow for his global movement since there are cows everywhere in his hometown. The idea of DJ Barry movement came after the design. On his birthday, he was out with his wife driving around the city when he noticed all these cows, he then took a photo of one of them.

The logo design is inspired by DJ Barry’s artwork, he painted a cow using spray paint and stencil. He then dressed up as a cow and went around the city to raise funds. This movement was called Cows for a Cause, people responded well to his art and he donated 50 to 100% of his art sales to the charities he was fundraising for.

DJ Barry also explains he had a hard time painting his cow to make his first artwork so he simplified it and made it a one layer logo for the campaign. That is how World Cow happened!

The message behind World Cow is promoting kindness, equality, and everything under the unity umbrella. “The movement was driven by the message not the design” – explained DJ Barry and  – “I am not the first person to put world spots on a cow”.

Stencils Thousands of Cows Painted by Artists All Around the World

DJ Barry has sent some stencils to artists and people around the world. ‘There are thousands of cows painted all around the world! One artist in Germany alone has probably painted a hundred of them’ – explained DJ Barry. He used to count the countries where you can now find a World Cow, but he lost the count at 25 countries, so he stopped counting.

There are many art works for World Cow around the world. Some are simple and others are bizarre. That made Erica wonder what is the biggest one so far, amazingly, there is a competition going! A team of artists in India is competing with DJ Barry on who will make the biggest one. The Indian team has done an enormous stencil that is 20 feet wide. Whereas DJ Barry is trying to find someone in the states to make him such, but meanwhile his is in sections. Each of them made a 20 feet wide cow.

Speaking of big, DJ Barry is having an upcoming artwork where he will be partnering with a farm in Pennsylvania to make a 12 acre big cow! Watch the episode to know more details about this exciting artwork. Sneak peek: there is another huge cow DJ Barry is working on for Labor Day that is 20 by 30 feet big.

The Steps to Start a Global Movement Effectively

DJ Barry was an abstract artist, doing art shows, and selling paintings in restaurants. However, he did not grow popular until he started giving away his painting and fundraising. He explained “It worked because people love free stuff”. So, he started hiding art all around his city, not only World Cow but other art works as well.

He has this “Art treasure hunt and engaging the community” strategy to start growing popular. Therefore, more people started to engage with him and follow him on social media. He has hidden World Cow and other artworks to ensure people will keep up engaging with him.

World Cow started to get popular worldwide at the beginning of 2020, right before the pandemic, when DJ Barry started to connect with artists from all around the world. That is another secret to starting a global movement! DJ Barry connected with artists from all around the world to have this big artists network.

“On an average day, I talk to people in five or six countries” – DJ Barry told Marco and Erica how he did that. The cultural exchange DJ Barry Had from World Cow is the biggest benefit in his opinion. This helps us understand each other and be open minded.

His Future Goals Aim All Ages and All Countries

DJ Barry’s movement has future goals he wishes to achieve. One goal, and he is already coming close to achieving them, one is to make toddlers and elementary kids love this movement. For example, by learning geography on the cow’s spots or making stuffed cows. This will let his message spread right from an early age.

Another goal he wishes to achieve is seeing World Cow in every street all around the world. Evidently, his movement is a global one and he has reached a number of countries, but he is hoping for more.

Furthermore, DJ Barry has filed for World Cow trademarks across the European union. “The goal is to be able to make merchandise across Europe as well as this country” He explained why he took this step.

Another reason we love the World Cow movement is because it is fundraising for different causes in different countries. More talk about World Cow and DJ Barry plans and projects is in the episode, check it out!

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