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Meet the author of the book “Io sono bella”

Meet the author of the book “Io sono bella”
August 10, 2021 - By Elisa Forte

Marco and Erica enjoy some time with Stella Pecollo

Actress, singer, writer and author of the book “Io sono bella”, Stella Pecollo is today’s guest. Welcomed on Between 2 Italians by Marco and Erica with Jovanotti’s song “Bella”, Stella reveals that Jovanotti has been her first crush. What a coincidence! That’s the perfect moment to ask about her dating life. Stella is happily single but looking for her half! 

Speaking of which, self-love and confidence are the leading concepts of her book, where she shares her experience aiming at inspiring and encouraging everyone to trust in themselves. It is rather important to her that everyone is aware of his/her own uniqueness!

Starting from the presentation of the book, Stella talks about herself, her travel life and all the cities in which she has lived so far, such as New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, London, Rome and Milan. Marco would like to give her a suggestion about the next destination, which is a great place to spend a nice and relaxing summer: Ostia! Let’s see if she will take his advice! Marco and Erica are interested to know how her life and her habits have changed while moving from one city to another and what she has learnt from all the places. Since she lived in many big cities, Stella tells how she faced pollution and how she got used to the cold and rainy English weather. Not to mention how useless umbrellas are in London! 

Another aspect that makes every place unique and special is food. Stella tells how she has been influenced by different eating and cooking habits and what she decided to include in her routine. It’s hard to live far away from Italy and its delicious food, but every single country has its own treats to taste and appreciate! 

Marco and Erica are rather excited to challenge Stella with a couple of acting exercises. She has to say the line “please mind the gap between the train and the platform” adopting it to three different circumstances. Will she meet the expectations of Marco and Erica?

Staying on the acting topic, it’s the moment for some questions about her professional path: how did she decide to become an actress? Her career is characterised by many different activities that allow her to express herself in many ways. What does she prefer the most? Stella is fascinated by musical theatre because she can engage in two passions at the same time: singing and dancing. 

It’s time for a couple of last questions about future plans: does she already have anything in mind? Is she working on something new? The pandemic has slowed things down, but it’s always good to dream about the future and work for it. 

Marco and Erica have had a really nice conversation, it has been a great pleasure to meet Stella Pecollo! 

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