Natural beauty inside and out!
February 28, 2022 - By Marc Vezzi

With David Jack on a journey behind the scenes of aesthetic medicine.

Good morning Britalians TV viewers!

If you are a bit down and the day is going a bit like this, don’t despair. Within the first two minutes of watching this episode, you will be overwhelmed by the vitality, playful energy and zest for life of our Marco!

Today, the famous Moka coffee machine has turned into a magic lamp and transformed the morning coffee into an energising drink. But it was only Marco who suffered, Erica’s composure was the same. In fact, Erica almost had to sedate our impatient and difficult-to-control Marco!


Our very elegant presenters then, between one gust and another of Marco, introduce us into their humble kitchen, where very creative ceramic cups stand out, a very colourful table, good for post-production, lights in the background that give a nice image.

Today’s guest, direct from Scotland but connected from London where he works, Dr David Jack!


To introduce him a song of introduction.

And today it’s a pity there can’t be a band because ours are performing, with the heart as they always do, You’re Beautiful, a single by British singer-songwriter James Blunt. Blunt, who unfortunately couldn’t be there for the occasion, but whose hair would surely have fallen out hearing it!

And he would have found a way to grow it back afterwards, wouldn’t he, Dr Jack?


Dr Jack is a cosmetic doctor.

He is connected from the living room of his London home.

He started working again after the lockdown, partly because people were afraid their faces were going to fall off.

Erica admits that she and Marco would also need to revitalise their faces, they are tired from the quarantine! But it’s not true! You’re still gorgeous!


He injects Botox into the face, the lines and features of the face, especially on the forehead and around the eyes.


Marco: “Have you ever had a strange request?”

Sure, he’s been asked about earlobe fillers. Or others from the waist down, although he has never wanted to do any of those, not even to attend such courses.

His philosophy is to keep it natural and be content with what you can do to the face.


The doctor himself doesn’t present his natural face, he’s had Botox on his cheeks and in the corners of his face. And he does every two to three months some moisturising injections for the skin.

As Marco says: every three months he leaves his car at the mechanic’s and goes for injections. Of course Marco!


In the wake of Marco’s eagerness, our people are really peppering our guest with questions today, pum pum pum!

David has his own clinic on Harley Street in London. He originally had a clinic in Edinburgh but is now too busy in London to follow it.

Already at the age of 28, he had descended from the Highlands to join Queen’s in London.


Marco is particularly inspired today: “Be honest, what would you do to Erica’s face?”

Erica according to the doctor doesn’t need botox: she has strong lines and features, there is the possibility, but that’s for everyone, of moisturizing the skin, but in this case there is really no need!

Strangely enough, Marco also asks for an opinion for himself… strange, he who is perfect like this why does he ask? However, the doctor also confirms his state of grace and we are grateful that the interview was done from a distance, otherwise Marco admits that he would have kissed Jack with his tongue.


To make sure we don’t miss anything, we also get into the private lives of the interviewees. David is not “on the market”, he has been involved for six years.

And he admits that he is not particularly critical of the faces of the people he meets, except in his clinic.


This passion was born while he was serving in the National Health Service or NHS, the UK’s national health system. He practised plastic surgery and then some reconstructive surgery. When he finished university while working in the NHS, he started to do small injections, and so he gradually grew over a 12-13 year period until five years ago he decided to leave the NHS and go full-time.

It was a gradual thing.

So he studied all kinds of medicine, not just aesthetic medicine. After the medical training he was very interested in surgery and so after trying different backgrounds he concentrated on what he liked.

And now he is more interested in the aesthetics of skincare than in surgery, which led him to worry about the success of the operations.

With plastic surgery you only get injections, so it’s something controllable and more relaxing.

He works on his clients’ faces in a way that is cute and creative, but not so crazy!


Marco bizarrely asks if he uses anything stronger than coffee to stay awake for these operations?

Dr Jack doesn’t drink coffee because he has to be sure of what he’s doing, so he’s very careful.


And he managed to convince the family for some injections and treatment. So both mum and especially dad, who doesn’t have such sharp features.

David also does skin treatments, including laser treatments, for example for acne, pigmentation and so on.


Then, in addition to the face, he concentrates on the hands, especially on the brown marks due to age, but also the loss of volume and the prominence of the bones and knuckles, which always become more evident with advancing age.


It takes David very little time to inject the Botox into the body, just a couple of minutes; the same goes for the fillers; while 5 to 15 minutes are needed to work with the laser.


Among Dr Jack’s clients are many actors. Characters who are well known to the public and for whom you, therefore, have to be careful about doses, to act gradually. And above all, not to bruise them, which would be unforgivable.


In general, clients ask the doctor for suggestions on what to do, and together they discuss the changes that occur over the years in the face and plan targeted interventions that in each case follow the shape of each person’s face.

Dr Jack is an expert in knowing how features and their structure change over the years and advises on the best course of action.


To live more comfortably, as he said before, he avoids cuts and prefers injections.

So much so that he has his own brand of skincare, and uses only that.

He likes simple things, certainly not water Marco! In the sense that he’s developing a cleanser that he uses with water to use in the morning, with antioxidants because there is scientific evidence that they improve the production of collagen and elastin.

And particularly then he uses vitamin C, a vitamin C serum. And an SPF 50 moisturiser which is wonderful because the main factor that causes ageing in the skin is UV rays. So the doctor is not like Marco who takes an umbrella but uses this protection.


Back when he was at university, David used to love getting a tan in Glasgow, “the city of sunbeds”. And now he is ashamed to admit that he has used them a lot and therefore hurt his own skin.

He, therefore, tries as much as possible to stay out of the sun. But his Italian heritage often gets the better of him.

This is where we learn that Dr Jack is also a Britalian, in fact, he has a Florentine grandmother and a grandfather from Cassino.


And he was born in the land of legends, which he admits he misses very much. Due to lockdown, he could not go there as he used to do once a month at the weekend, for having fun as Marco says.

Curiosity about Scotland. Marco tests our host’s Scottish pronunciation by asking how to say “don’t do this anymore!”. After a moment’s hesitation, his inner Scotsman comes out and then “/’dani di dat/”. Marco is always resourceful! With Erica, he had been to a pub in Edinburgh years before, a typical, exceptional setting, where they were invited to dance and were given a wonderful welcome by the locals.


Dr Jack’s working day consisted of 14 fillers used. Pre-lockdown his average was more than twenty clients a day. Then he decided he wanted to live a more pleasant life at least for the first few months post-pandemic onset and enjoy the summer.

So from over 200 a week, David decided temporarily to scale back his work.


The weather continues to be inclement, the storm of questions from our two super-interviewers continues unabated, unrelenting.

What is it like working in the clinic with what has happened?

The doctor cannot really work remotely with this kind of task. Therefore, he has to wear masks and visors and suitable gowns that have to be changed every day. Not to mention temperature control at the entrance, sanitisation and so on.

However, we are sure that our guest will put Marco’s advice on working remotely into practice: buy a phone and, standing ten metres away from the patient, contact him by phone and advise him on what to do, independently.


Concerning planning his work, Dr Jack does not work like an architect who first draws a plan and then puts it into practice. David first takes a photo and discusses everything with the patient. Then he draws directly on the client’s face where to inject and operate, thus avoiding any risk of asymmetry and mistakes.


Marco’s question couldn’t be left out: “Do you also do boob jobs?”

Sure, you can use fillers or a special technique which is PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma. This consists of obtaining plasma with a higher concentration of platelets than that found in normal blood from a blood transfusion from the same patient to whom the resulting mixture is then injected. It serves to stimulate collagen deposits so that the volume can then be increased and so on.

It’s also an interesting treatment because you don’t have to take a couple of litres of blood, as Marco says, but just a small amount.

And it’s something natural, because the collagen is produced by the body and it makes you brighter.


Then for skin pigmentation there are different types of injections, so you could as Marco asks make your skin more pink or white. Only the doctor prefers to use this to remove spots and pigmentation above all, not so much for skin colouring.


Erica: “What is your main method when we talk about skincare and skin health? What do you suggest?”

David prefers and recommends putting simple things into practice. So from not exposing yourself too much to UV rays to avoiding treatments before going to him, but acting gradually.


The doctor also does hair treatments. In particular, he practices PRP for hair, to stimulate hair growth. But the results are better in women than in men. He avoids hair transplants or such treatments.


Erica: “What do you like most about the work you do?”

Dr Jake really likes creativity. He finds the science of skincare interesting.

As well as designing and formulating a product and bringing it to market. In particular, he is researching oral supplements that can help improve both health in general, but skin health in particular.

Diet, as Marco asks, has a big impact on the skin. Many skin complaints often stem from problems within the body.

Marco’s skin, for example, is excellent, basing his 35-year-old diet on the 3Ps: pasta, pizza and potatoes (vegetables).

Diet is very important, especially for acne, for example. But also against ageing.

Blueberries and all sorts of colourful fruits along with supplements are good for you.


Then the doctor’s products are natural and come from vitamin C but also from other antioxidants so vitamin E, A, K; retinol which is vitamin A; panthenol (provitamin B5); hyaluronic acid and so on.


Marco: “Have you ever had anyone who wanted to look older than they were?”

And it seems incredible but true: yes!

Especially some young men in their twenties want to look not so much older as more mature and therefore want a square jaw, like American actors.


Of course, in general, most of the clients who come to him are women, although there has recently (in recent years) been an increase in the number of men, who are mainly the husbands of his clients.

A bit like Marco stealing creams and skin treatments from Erica!

On the other hand, he would like to be younger and have a girl twenty years younger… maybe twenty really not because he would go to prison but younger… “to be able to spend more time with you of course Erica!”


Plans for today.

Dr Jake doesn’t have any plans, he’ll probably get something to eat, even though lately he’s been ordering food from home three times a day and it’s not very healthy, but then he’ll go for a walk in the park.

Our parents will eat, and who knows, maybe they’ll get a nice mask, use a special cream, and Erica will magically become younger, right Marco?


A fantastic dialogue, so interesting to understand how an aesthetic works! And to know that for example there are those who want to look more mature!

A wonderful person, who shows her passion, and that’s the great thing: doing beautiful things in a beautiful way!

And then the holistic approach, not only to skincare but to the person in general, knowing, using and researching natural products. So vitamins, antioxidants, anything good for the skin, excluding unnatural and questionable treatments.

This is an unmissable interview, from which you can take many ideas for everyday life, both in terms of external skincare and personal care, and internal self-care, and therefore a testimony to the passion and the heights that human beings can reach.

So dear viewers, don’t miss this interview and if you have any questions (even dirty ones suggests Marco) ask us on Britalians TV or Dr Jack himself! Until next time!


By Britalians TV
Written by
Marc Vezzi

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