New Chapter for Britalians TV with Launching their New Britalians TV Magazine #STORIES
November 25, 2021 - By Lama Almugbell

New Chapter for Britalians TV with Launching their New Britalians TV Magazine 

Britalians TV announced that they have launched their new magazine this November which highlights your favourite stories and topics from Britalians TV

Britalians magazine came out this month! In our magazine we will shed light on some guests, brands that are making an impact on their communities and the world, previous and upcoming episodes, and personal development advice for you to stay healthy and happy in the psychology corner. Not only that, we have more sections that you will love!

This month’s issue is special as it is the first Britalians TV magazine issue, that is why we have a special story for you! Our guest of the month has faced a lot in her life and her story is featured in a movie on Netflix. We will give you an insight into a global brand and the story behind it in the brand of the month section. And for the psychology corner, we have an in depth article about how to seacrh and find yourself. 

November’s Best Guest is a Bombing Attack Survivor

Widow of Sergio Vieira De Mello has faced terrorists and US soldiers. She has also survived a tragic bombing attack on the United Nations in Iraq. Carolina Larriera, the UN Diplomat, had been through a lot in her life, yet she stood up and made something out of nothing.

Not only her story is featured on Netflix’s movie Sergio where she is beautifully portrayed by actress Ana de Armas, but she is also featured on this month’s issue where she shared how she wishes to make an impact on those people that have nothing to have something. We have shared with you more of her story in November’s featured story section.

A Global Brand with a Mission to Bring the World Together

World Cow is a dear brand to Britalians TV, and in this month’s issue, it will be dear to you for sure!

After you read November’s issue of Britalians TV magazine, you will love this brand as much as we do. We will give you insight into this month’s best brand as we will share DJ Barry’s story along with World Cow’s message which is all about spreading kindness, love and unity all around the world.

World Cow is a global brand and art movement that encourages unity and spreading kindness. DJ Barry, the artist behind this brand, talked with us on how “We are all spots on the same cow!” represent the movement’s message. 

Flashback to How do you start a global movement to bring social change? episode where we featured DJ Barry. What an amazing episode!

Let’s build a Lifestyle that allows us to Live Better

On Britalians TV magazine, we have a psychology corner for you where we talk in depth about different psychological topics and give you the best advice you will find within our articles.

“In Search of the Self” will be this month’s article in the psychology corner. This in depth article will help you to find your north. In addition, we shared Marco’s story and how he found his north.

Want to speak directly with Britalians TV?

Have you ever wanted to speak directly with Britalians TV and our presenting duo Marco and Erica? We got you!

Britalians TV magazine has a section called “From our community” where we share thoughts and messages from our community. For November’s issue, we have shared your comments from both Facebook and Instagram.

You can write to us in any way you like across Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, e-mails or letters, and we will share them every month!

Past, Present and Future 

Britalians TV had a lot of great episodes and shows, they have some out now, and for sure, there are more coming on the way!

Our magazine will highlight past, present and future in “Previously, trending now, next of Britalians TV”. In this section, we will take you with us on throwback with some of our previous episodes and shows and introduce you to our fresh released ones. Whereas for the next of Britalians TV, we will not tell you what we are cooking in our Britalians TV location in centric London because you will have to guess what is next.

Since Britalians TV is full of surprises, you do not have to worry about what to expect. We will give you hints on our upcoming releases, guests and brands to help you guess what we have for you. But remember, you have to expect the unexpected when it comes to Britalians TV and what we do.

I mean our guests and shows surprised you, so is this announcement of launching a magazine, right?

Want to know more about Carolina Larriera, World Cow, how to find your north and the hints we gave you for the next of Britalians TV? Britalians TV magazine has everything illustrated in further detail. You can now read our first launch of our magazine, November’s issue

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