New name, same game! Between2Italians becomes the Marco and Erica #TALKSHOW
November 15, 2021 - By AngelicaVilarino

New name, same game! Between2Italians becomes the Marco and Erica #TALKSHOW

Marco and Erica are back! The show you all know and love, after 5 seasons of Between2Italians, has officially been rebranded as the Marco and Erica #TALKSHOW. But don’t worry! Nothing has changed except an easier to pronounce name! Marco and Erica are up to their usual shenanigans in this upcoming new season full of interesting people from all around the world! All from Marco and Erica’s kitchen table! This season the interviews are done remotely out of respect for Covid-19 protocols and guidelines. This way, Marco and Erica can more accessibly reach out to people while staying safe. This does not make the interviews any less exciting. They meet with artists, actors, singers, influencers, photographers, activists, world-travelers, ambassadors, entrepreneurs and even bear-enthusiasts. They talk about their philosophies, their hopes and dreams and their origin stories. Marco and Erica ask them personal questions, questions about their dedications and everyone’s favorite: the awkward and embarrassing questions! Sometimes there’s even games being played, like using your acting skills to pretend to give birth while hilariously yelling about train platforms or trying to sing a song with your mouth full of water, as well as other challenges of the sort! Marco and Erica’s energy is so contagious, the guests always leave the show with a smile on their face, a wish to return and a song in their hearts. Speaking of singing, we hope you missed the beautiful voices of 2 very “talented” Italian singers who make sure to bless your ears with a cheerful song before every episode. We hope you like Hakuna Matata!

Marco and Erica prove that you can socially distance while at the same time, bring people together and offer new experiences. So many interesting stories are being told every day, so it is a privilege on behalf of Britalians TV, to bring these stories to you, the viewer, who can appreciate the life lessons taught by these people. We can all take something away from it and learn on how to apply them to yourself. That’s what the #TALKSHOW is all about, a show where you talk about life with others, where you can make genuine connections, even if you are on opposite sides of the world. 

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