You are currently viewing Photographer Arnt Eriksen’s “quarantine” in Sweden.

Photographer Arnt Eriksen’s “quarantine” in Sweden.

Photographer Arnt Eriksen’s “quarantine” in Sweden.
February 14, 2022 - By Marc Vezzi

Few restrictions in the country of our photographer, director, who cooks mushroom risotto and carbonara as a hobby.

Good morning Britalians TV viewers!

Today Marco is finally enjoying the company of Erica who finally shows up in a fairly “open” outfit: let’s applaud for Erica’s shirt!


Like every episode, ours try to literally celebrate and lavishly welcome the guests they introduce into their humble kitchen. Unfortunately, today while Marco is all gassed up about the amazing view and gives his all to interpret “In fondo al mar”, the Italian version of “Under the sea” from the 1989 Disney film The Little Mermaid, Erica disappoints expectations so much that Marco reproaches her for not remembering the words to this must: “You didn’t have a childhood!”


Directly from the Swedish “quarantine” the photographer Arnt Eriksen!

For the occasion, a nice shepherd’s beard as Marco says and a background design created especially for us.

We put quarantine in quotes because Arnt tells us that in Sweden there is no real lockdown. The government has not imposed quarantines so restaurants, cafes, shops are open. There are restrictions on interactions with people, but it’s as open as possible.

Arnt is in Sweden to finish a project to develop a Nordic e-commerce platform. We were expecting a girl but not yet. So the developers and suppliers were in Stockholm, and after 7-8 months of travelling with suitcases, Arnt opted to move. And there he found a woman and a wife! Joking with Marco!


Arnt is not only a photographer but also a creative director. He worked in advertising for at least two decades. Then he started working as an art director and in the last ten years has turned towards becoming a creative director.


In any case, he likes photography above all. Being a creative director means planning creative strategies for several years, thinking about them; whereas photography is something more tangible, so taking pictures and editing them and so on.


Arnt became interested in photography at the age of 14, but saw it as more than a hobby from the start. He went to school to become a creative director and here photography was a visual element that had to be part of whatever was being created. So he started with street photography, walking down the street with his camera and taking pictures of interesting things, which, as our own Marco and Erica say, are often not seen and not given as much importance as they should be.


Marco: “Let’s talk about your love life. Are you single or are you “on the market”?”

Arnt is single, which means he is “on the market”.

He prefers blondes or brunettes indiscriminately. And he is no longer open to find his partner on holiday or in the city where he lives: he thinks this is something that happens by chance, not planned.

And to accept a date from someone in the audience he has to be fascinated by conversation and communication, and intrigued by finding interesting facets, that’s what he likes. So dear viewers, step up!


We also give space to the audience asking for advice on photography.

Arnt replies that it depends on what kind of photographer you want to be. If you are a speed photographer it depends on how you capture the emotion and the weirdness of the things you notice.

If you want fashion editorial photography on the other hand it’s more about the light and then showing something interesting from the story.

But in general, the most important point is to follow your passion and follow what you feel is creative and interesting.


The audience then asks in particular for photography tips for wildlife. And here we do not dwell on what we mean by “wildlife”, do we Marco?

Our host in any case recommends having good lenses to keep your distance and take better photos than you could by getting closer.


Erica: “Do you have any other passions besides photography?”

Arnt loves to cook, especially Italian dishes. In particular, he makes a killer mushroom risotto and a good carbonara!


If you want to find out more about quarantine in Sweden, some photography tips and as Marco says on what camera and lenses to use for dirty photos (Marcooo!), write to us and most importantly watch the episode!


By Britalians TV
Written by
Marc Vezzi

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