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Plan your Week ahead. Watch your Favourite Show on Time!

Plan your Week ahead. Watch your Favourite Show on Time!
May 15, 2022 - By Roua Alkhalaf

Plan your Week ahead. Watch your Favourite Show on Time! A Real Time Countdown Counter Feature has just been released on Britalians TV so you will never miss a Show

Hello everyone!

Can’t wait for the new episode to be released? Check this out! We have just released the most exciting feature ever on TV channels and platforms all over the world for the first time! Now on your favourite channel Britalians TV, you can find out the EXACT day and time when the new episodes will be released. So you can plan your week ahead and watch your favourite show on time! and there is more, would you like to know what is the next episode about? or if there is a new surprising guest? Or if Marco and Erica will visit a new place? Be patient, guys. You have to wait until the end of the counter.


Britalians TV Taking Over the Scene Again with a New Feature

As is well known, our channel celebrates humanity and shows you the world unfiltered. Britalians TV is also characterized by being sincere and spontaneous in hosting distinguished guests, visiting exciting places and sharing these beautiful experiences with us. On top of that, Marco and Erica are back with a new idea that exceeds our expectations with Britalians TV. So our channel is taking over the scene once again with a new feature. Marco and Erica bring Britalians TV to be the first worldwide streaming platform to adopt a real time countdown counter before its new releases in the world of TV channels and platforms!


What a real time countdown counter does in Britalians TV?

Of course, we are all busy with studying, working, and our social life. One day we have a project presentation, another day we have a business meeting, and another day we have a birthday party. But in between, we don’t want to miss the new episode of our favourite show. Right now, on our favourite TV channel, we have a real time countdown counter that tells us exactly when the new episode will be released. From here, we can arrange our schedules in advance and watch the episode on time.


Want some Spoilers on the New Release?

We all know Britalians TV and our wonderful hosts, Marco and Erica, aim to host and interview people from all walks of life. Especially people who take us to new and exciting experiences, entertaining and informative stories, and deep and rich advice. That’s why Marco and Erica wanted to share with us the exciting wait for their new guest, topic, or place that will be released soon after the counter ends. Stay tuned. This episode could be number 19 of Marco and Erica #TALKSHOW,  or the first episode in a new season of Humans of the World even!


Do you see how we can track our orders from Amazon, ASOS and other websites? Think of it this way. With Britalians TV counter, we can keep track of our favourite shows’ new releases and know when we’ll be able to catch up on those episodes we’ve been waiting for! Wondering where you can find this counter? All you have to do is go to About at the top of the Britalians TV homepage, then click NEW EPISODES to find the counter there!

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Roua Alkhalaf

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