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Quarantine daily routine of an artist

Quarantine daily routine of an artist
August 4, 2021 - By Elisa Forte

Marco and Erica connect with Natalia Kapchuk

Contemporary artist, eco-activist, art collectionist and philanthropist, that’s Natalia Kapchuk!

Originally from Russia, Natalia is spending the quarantine in London, where she is busy working on new artworks. While she was used to constantly travelling across countries to gather inspirations, she is now stuck in London where she rediscovered new activities that she had never had enough time to carry out, such as yoga and meditation. 

Marco and Erica are interested to know more about her daily routine, her creative process and the relationship between two pillars of her life: art and environment. As a philanthropist, Natalia tries to divide her energies towards many issues and now she is focused on the environment and on rescuing animals. She doesn’t remember the exact moment, but she has always been aware of her desire to assist and have a positive impact on others. Marco is thinking of asking her for a donation. Let’s hope she will remember to donate something to Marco! 

Her passion for art is expressed through the collection of artworks as well. How does she select them? Does she have any specific criteria? Marco has just finished painting one and a lot of collectionists seem interested. Will Natalia make an offer? 

Before saying goodbye, Marco and Erica have a couple of last questions and the most important is: is Natalia a dog or a cat person?

Marco and Erica are really happy they had the opportunity to meet this international artist and activist. Full interview available on Amazon Prime Video UK!

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Elisa Forte , Elisa Forte

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