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Secret dreams of a photographer and creative director

Secret dreams of a photographer and creative director
August 28, 2021 - By Elisa Forte

Marco and Erica connect with Arnt Eriksen

Marco and Erica easily find interesting and passionate people from all over the world and now it’s time to meet Arnt Eriksen!

He is a photographer and creative director that moved from Norway to Sweden, where he currently lives. 

Sweden is known for coping with coronavirus differently than the other European countries; how is he dealing with it? Arnt is not in quarantine and he can still do a lot of things. However, there are a lot of restrictions, so he had to put his desire to travel aside. 

Marco and Erica want to discover more about his professional life: how does he combine his two jobs? Does he have a preference? Arnt started photography when he was 14 years old and, even though it has always been part of his life, he has been working as a creative director for 25 years. Arnt enjoys helping his client make more money, but it mostly consists of thinking and planning, while photography enables him to work in the field, to tangible see what he captures. That’s his thing! 

Does he have any tips for those wishing to start photography? As every photography style has its own specific traits, Arnt suggests following your passion to find out your style. 

What does he like to do in his free time? Arnt enjoys cooking and it seems that his guests appreciate his mushroom risotto and carbonara. Marco and Erica cannot wait to have him in London to cook all together an Italian traditional dish! 

The audience of Britalians TV sent many questions about his dating life: how is it going? Is he single? How to surprise him? Arnt is single and on the market! He had recently been on few dates, but none of them worked out. Let’s listen to what fascinates him the most!

More questions to know him better: has he ever dreamt to be a woman for a couple of days? Yes, he has! Arnt doesn’t have any specific requests, but he is intrigued by the whole idea itself. He would be interested in understanding how it’s to be in the shoes of a different human being. 

If he had 4 more hours in the day, what would he do? Arnt has already a well-organised plan in mind! 

Does he have a secret diary? Of course! After a quick cardio session and a good coffee, he does journaling every day. He writes 3 things he is grateful for, 3 things he wants to accomplish by the end of the day and 3 goals. Arnt shares with us the 3 things he is grateful for today! 

How does he seem himself in 5 years? Arnt would definitely love to travel much more around the world. Moreover, he would like to be living in London or another big city and be a more known photographer. 

Looking forward to reading his upcoming book about marketing and branding, we wish Arnt the best! 

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Elisa Forte , Elisa Forte

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