Storm of… actor, Lorenzo Patanè.
November 22, 2021 - By Marc Vezzi

An actor, creator, performer who helps young people chase their dreams. 

Good morning Britalians TV viewers!

Today as a guest we have not a Britalian but a Germitalian!

The Italian-German actor Lorenzo Patanè.

Who will interview him?

Obviously always them, our two Romeo and Juliet, Erica “striped” and the floral Marco, at least from the waist up because since the lockdown does not wear pants (for the audience this and more… in short!)!


We show the most wonderful people in the world. Who do beautiful things. They do what they love and so they are happy about it.

Today’s guest, Lorenzo Patanè, is a wonderful actor, in Germany for the past 35 years because he has poisoned the king of Germany… Ahah nice Marco!

No, actually he is an actor, the head of a school of actors, the protagonist of a soap opera with which our two interviewers have grown up: in fact, they have become so great by dint of bread and Storm of love!


To introduce our guest the popular introductory song by Walt Disney in German: Hakuna Matata!


Lorenzo lives in Munich. He is originally from Sicily, from Catania.

He moved here as a child with his parents, who opened a restaurant there. After his parents divorced, his father returned to Italy, and he stayed with his mother in Munich.

Germany is a unique country, with a different way of life, infrastructure, society: you can really organize your life as you want and for the best.

For Lorenzo Germany is the perfect combination because he is a Sicilian and he is creative, an extrovert, a warm-tempered kind of person. And the fact that you are in a structured place, with a structure and rules, combining these two aspects this helps you to pursue your path.

Like it happens in the UK where you have a strong work ethic, a structured society, well-directed. But where Italian immigrants can do what they feel like doing and are successful because they combine both.


Marco always has a sweet tooth for food so he asks what Lorenzo eats in Germany.

Lorenzo is a lover of slow food (not slow-walking animals Marco, come on!) and cooking fresh, healthy food. So he goes to an Italian greengrocer but also to various small stores that sell fruit and stores that offer products from everywhere.

A celebration of Italy around the world, as well as keeping your traditions alive and looking at the little things that make your life better.


Lorenzo is interviewed in his studio, with some of his latest paintings in the background, where he records his videos and welcomes clients.

His company was founded six years ago to help performers, sellers pictures, actors.

They all needed to be on a stage and perform.

For the past two and a half years, he has created a YouTube channel to spread his message on social media.


Besides food, Marco is interested in dating.

Lorenzo is not an expert on these things, but he is sure that in Germany there is another kind of culture for which skin colour is something that matters nothing: we are all citizens of the world, we are all connected!


In the middle of the interview one of the most awaited parts: the games with the actors.

This is how we can see a Lorenzo who cries but also a Lorenzo who laughs.

Because the language of comedy is the mirror of the language of drama and drama is the mirror of comedy. Not by chance, as our Marco and Erica remind us: the best comedy is born from drama!

Lorenzo explains how he himself went from being smart, happy, like our Marco, whose contagious sympathy is praised, to being more serious. And Lorenzo’s quest as a good actor is to do something that to be truly valuable has to be so complicated and layered, brought to such a level that people are not able to replicate and duplicate it: that’s uniqueness!


The third play is the reciting of the same phrase “mind the gap between the train and the platform” in three different ways: sexy way, crying and when you’re giving birth (this last one was aptly replaced with a Shakespearean reading of the sentence).


Marco: “What is the aspect of being an actor that brings your personality closer to acting itself?”

Lorenzo answers that for him it is the essence of acting: when he started he did it with happiness is showing what he had inside. He grew up making money out of being an actor, he reached a place of fame and success but now, having arrived “with my train at the third station”, he is dedicated to appreciating and exploring himself in order to search and find new things, new products and improve himself.

It’s a way of life now as Marco sums up.


Now Lorenzo continues to play the role of Robert Saalfeld in Storm of love, the crazy chef for 15 years in a five-star hotel. It’s like living two lives now for him.

He also draws, started out as an industrial designer and dabbles in that. “Sleep is death’s cousin” according to him so he sleeps as little as possible and devotes himself to what makes him alive.


He recently starred in a Pif’s film, In War for Love, and hated this young Sicilian-New York mobster from the 1930s Carmelo he impersonated. But he loved the one-man show director Pif so much.

Every role he thinks has something in it that’s interesting to discover, and maybe he’d like to impersonate a priest sooner or later, who knows.


And also impersonate some animal, yes Marco, that’s right! In his acting school, it’s no coincidence that they often adopt this technique, which helps the actor a lot. And maybe he’d like to play a black cat or a night owl, to see 360° and hopefully not, as Marco says, break his neck!


One of the best answers to the question “how are you spending this quarantine in Germany?” we get from Lorenzo himself.

He is always in quarantine, it’s his lifestyle, he is an essentialist. That gives him time to think about certain things, create more, get ideas for shows.


What about the quarantine atmosphere in Munich?

The idea of personal freedom in Germany is probably higher than in other countries of the world, Germans care a lot about their freedom and protest when it is restricted.

Lorenzo believes that there is a positive side to this because Rousseau had said one thing, that the freedom of the human being is not to let him do whatever he wants to do but that he can refuse to do what he doesn’t want to do, and this is very important.


Lorenzo has been in Germany for more than thirty-five years, even dear Marco can tell the difference between a Swiss and an Austrian speaking German!

And he is a great believer in the German language, in a language that is so precise that it brings with it a certain way of thinking, of being precise. It is not by chance that Einstein (and no Galileo Galilei Marco!) was born here.

A beautiful nation and it has its contradictions but this is beautiful because otherwise we would be under dictatorship!


Finally, what is Lorenzo focused on right now?

He is shooting every day for a beautiful story and at the same time working on his YouTube channel for documentaries that will be broadcast in a couple of months to increase his company’s brand.

After two years of inactivity, where he believed he had reached a dead-end, he no longer understood the meaning of his art and his life, the search for self abandoned creativity. At a certain point the resumption of his activity as an artist, in the street, painting paintings and having success. This is how Lorenzo realized he had a talent that he could exploit for a living.

Starting from a point where he had no choice but with a renewed strength to pursue what he wanted to do, he raised his head and believed in his product.

And after starting to have faith in it, he brought his own business to life. And here is another very profound thought: the awareness that what he knew how to do could be useful to others. So here’s where Lorenzo started to share that with young people who wanted to take this path.

“I think we can make this place better when we generously share what we have in our possession so that everyone can achieve a greater goal.”


Thank you so much Lorenzo for these beautiful words and thoughts from your heart!

And thank you also for the opportunity you provided to the first five Britalians TV viewers to connect to your YouTube channel… and you reading this want to know more? Check out the interview now!


By Britalians TV
Written by
Marc Vezzi

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