The angel wears… Simone Guidarelli!
November 15, 2021 - By Marc Vezzi

The Creative Fashion Director who transforms visions of dreams into reality!

Good morning Britalians TV viewers!

Today, our two presenters who spread so much energy, who make you turn your day from this way to that, always for the better, and who with so much perseverance try to make a smile sprout on your face every day, where will they take us? In what microcosm of humanity will they lead us?

A very “African” outfit, according to Marco, a “New York, New York” sung at the top of his lungs, to make Frank Sinatra envious, are the introduction to our guest today, a special guest, a wonderful creator: Simone Guidarelli, creative director.


For the occasion, Simone wears a designer shirt, scattered with floral patterns, a bit like an English citizen at tea time, so much so that he has tea and the famous Scottish scones cookies nearby.

How can we not start then from the things that amazed Simone when he went to Scotland, in particular the very famous kilt!


Simone was born as a stylist. Then his work is expressed in a thousand ways.

Now he is called as not only a stylist but for projects where around a brand that offers a series of gadgets he is committed to creating a dream around it. He tries to tell the stories to present anything, and it’s a craft that he sees how he does very well. He’s like a director of a movie who chooses actors, extras, makeup and hair, locations, etc. depending on the cut of what he has to present, then tries to make the client make a goal in his goal.


Simone’s job is to take the objects we have before our eyes and make them become something else, so much so that even a photographic background can become a red paper dress, in the style of Alice in Wonderland, like the long dresses of the medieval scenes of our imagination.


The talk really ranged over many topics and was very funny and playful.

An essential focus was Simone’s beard, which he jealously guards and takes care of. So much so that he remembers with sorrow a mishap that occurred in Marrakech that is worth listening to! And for which, for a while, he was not able to maintain the stereotype of a bear-man that suits him.

Simone does not have a specific prototype of man, he has been with blondes, brunettes, greys; some reds/gingers have something more, so if you are interested, come forward!


Also, Simone cannot avoid the traditional game to which our guests are subjected! And so he is asked to cry and laugh. And he tries because he is so spontaneous in expressing what he feels that he has difficulty in acting and simulating something on command.

However, he remembers an anecdote about his phenomenal laugh during the fashion show: while he was in the bathroom fixing his beard, a guy came in and looked at him with a disgusted look. The guy then came out with two pieces of toilet paper under his shoes without realizing it and so he crossed the catwalk arousing the hilarity of our Simone: applause to divine justice!

And then in a world so perfect as that of fashion makes him smile, although of course then sorry, the fall of the models on the catwalk.

And finally, he likes very much the situations like theme dinners, where you have to disguise yourself.


Marco is in a tragic mood today, so he asks if our creative director has ever found himself in a dangerous situation, i.e. kidnapped by someone, robbed or in danger in general.

Yes, certainly not extreme situations, but dangers, yes. In particular, on a train ride back to London where a team of hooligans started beating up the people in his carriage. Luckily he managed to escape them in extremis.

Another time then a hundred meters from home he managed to escape from a group of boys not recommended.

He almost has a sixth sense of danger: when he senses it, he has a feeling that makes him identify it and save himself.

Marco also has a feeling that sometimes acts as a rescue, sometimes not, depending on the circumstances, that even all the people near him feel in case of danger: he’s scared shitless!


Erica: “How are you spending this quarantine?”

Simone is staying in Milan, very well, never so long he could stay at home. He has cleaned and tidied it up, he has taken care of his garden left a bit neglected and he has put himself on a diet with the main imperative of eating healthy. He enrolled in a photoshop course that he wanted to do for a long time.

And then as a great lover of all kinds of music, he started listening to music. He likes to sing (in public he gets embarrassed though) and dance (when there is good music).


Since our Marco has succeeded in embarrassing our guest by asking him to sing, he mephistophilically continues in his enterprise by warbling songs with water in his mouth. Here then is an unmissable “warbling” of Com’è bello far l’amore (hoping that Raffaella Carrà was not watching our show) which was echoed by Simone with the song Volare (for the execution of which Modugno will not have turned over in his grave only because he was aware of the shady plots of our bold host).


Dreamer Erica: “If you could be a ghost for a day what would you do?”

Simone would enjoy playing pranks, hiding objects, and terrorizing (in a mild way) people, especially the not-so-nice ones, who would receive as a counterpunch sound slaps and little revenge.

A dream that our Simone shares with many of our guests, the power to listen to the thoughts of other people, especially in this case of reserved people who never express themselves too openly, just to understand who is in front of them.


Simone speaks to us from his home in front of a large ostrich on wallpaper designed by himself: he likes to represent animals especially of the jungle such as the gorilla and nature in general. To recreate in his home a kind of jungle, an environment that makes him feel better.


The world of design, style and fashion has always been loved by Simone since he was a child. At home, as a great observer, he admired his mother, his grandmother who would go and pick out the fabrics for his clothes, his aunt who was a seamstress and so on.

He started working while studying and working in the UK and gave shape to that dream that for him is like a vision so not only design a dress but adapt it to those who will wear it, like a dance, a harmony, like making love with the right person.


There is nothing that he would have liked to know at the beginning and that he understood afterwards. The only thing Simone would have liked is that the whole thing had been less painful. In fact, he has been an assistant for many years and no one has ever acknowledged and encouraged him to pursue the talent he had. But this situation perhaps spurred him to look for strength in himself, to believe deeply in himself and to understand that regardless of relationships and everyone, no one will ever give strength in your place: if there is something you believe in, it is you who must believe in it and pursue it, not others!

Through this tenacity, Simone has managed to sign a large number of covers from Vanity Fair to Harper’s Bazar to Glamour.


He prefers dogs to cats, but he has never designed them: he likes to design something that is for everyone, he likes to have a broader vision of things so that what he creates doesn’t just aim at a personal dream but at everyone.

For example, with Marco’s face (Marco, you’re asking for it!) our designer wouldn’t create wallpapers, but beautiful briefs!


Marco: “One thing we need to know about you.”

Simone is a very outgoing person. However, he lives perpetually in this attitude covering and protecting a part of herself that is very fragile and can be caught at times unintentionally. She accepts this condition, though. It is normal.


This expansiveness and exuberance of him can be seen in the superhero disguises she has made during her quarantine. So Wonder Woman, but also Captain America, Superman, etc. Because what he likes is when people tell him that their morning starts well with a picture of him. It’s a great gratification for him. Because he has the gift of always being positive even on the most difficult, hard and complicated days and so passing it on to others is even more valuable. Especially if they are in great difficulties, like a person undergoing chemotherapy in the hospital who Simone remembers had written to him that he had eaten all day and smiled because he had seen him.

And that excites him because he by nature has fun with himself, when he is at home he has fun with things, he finds the irony in them. Always give your best! And this is the only energy that makes you go on and overcome difficult moments: giving happiness, our motto!


Marco: “Are you someone who saves money or spends it?”

With sincerity, Simone admits that he spends it, but specifying: not more than he earns, but only the things he can afford. When he was young he loved going to see the big hotels. Having no money, however, he would not go to dinner, he would take a coffee because it cost too much for his possibilities, trying to enjoy things in his small world and slowly raising the bar. He loves fashion, clothes, jewellery. But he can also do without it. He is happy with what he has and what he has built himself because you know: material things end, like beauty, which is not forever (except maybe for Marco?).

Often we are led by social media to look at other people’s lives and we don’t think about the great and precious value of our own, we neglect it, despite the fact that each of us is unique. Hey, I recommend you as a viewer, an exception is allowed as Marco reminds us: in addition to your life always look a little bit at the life of our two presenters, live it together with them!


Erica: “Do you feel sexy?” 

He fearlessly admits that he is actually a little chubby, not very young etc. however he has realized one thing: that he likes himself that way! Sure beautiful the superphysical and muscular guys, gingers with red hair… But others have their beauty and he has his too and he can’t change his life. So yes, he feels sexy!


Let’s leave out Marco’s question about Simone’s sexy underwear so as not to make the audience run away and let’s instead underline with Marco and Erica this fantastic person, with so much heart, so much soul, so true and authentic: a person without filters, who says what he thinks.

In short: who we like on Britalians TV! Until next time!


By Britalians TV
Written by
Marc Vezzi

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