The founder of the Florence Classical Arts Academy
July 24, 2021 - By Elisa Forte

Marco and Erica meet the artist Nadia Molugova

Marco and Erica are getting to know Nadia Molugova, the founder of the Florence Classical Arts Academy and they are ready to dive into the world of art. 

Passionate about art since when she was really young, Nadia convinced her grandma to bring her to a school of art, thus becoming the youngest student of the entire school. It was because of her passion and perseverance that she realised her dream of becoming an artist. More than 10 years ago she founded an art academy in the beautiful Florence to allow students to learn the basic knowledge and help them discover their own approach to art. 

Nadia describes the artworks around her and she explains to Marco and Erica some fundamental techniques and methods. Marco and Erica are interested to know more about the different typologies and dimensions of brushes and the conversation takes an ambiguous direction. But Nadia is an excellent teacher and she clarifies any doubts!

Marco and Erica would like to know Nadia better: how is she spending the quarantine? How is she managing the work at the academy, other projects and her private life? Dealing with two children stuck at home because covid is rather stressful for Nadia. They have already started painting walls! Did they inherit the talent of Nadia?

In terms of future plans, does she already have something in mind? Nadia has a couple of ideas: make the academia move towards new directions. While they have spent these first years working on implementing a solid didactic that allows everyone to start from level 0 to become a really good painter, now they have the potential to consider an expansion to new areas, such as design and the tatoo world. Good luck Nadia!

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Elisa Forte , Elisa Forte

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