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The HollywooRussian Sofya Skya.

The HollywooRussian Sofya Skya.
January 31, 2022 - By Marc Vezzi

Fantastic actress, wonderful person!

Good morning, dear viewers of Britalians TV!

Lights, camera, action!

Today our two super Italians abroad are virtually welcoming an important personage, a Hollywood film star: directly from Beverly Hills, exceptionally connected from Russia, Sofya Skya!

For the occasion, an important outfit: our Marco, with a striped polo shirt (and maybe even trousers at last?), Erica, with a “camel yellow” dress (citing Marco), but above all our guest dressed in a very elegant way, with a blue jacket over a black dress.

Sofya Skya, a Hollywood actress, actor trainer, dancer and, according to Marco, also a gardener, ship helmswoman, and you never know how many other things!


Sofya now lives in Russia, in Moscow, where the air is fresher. We find her smiling and radiant in her office in the centre of Moscow, with a super background, with a series of authentic bright futuristic skyscrapers, not painted for the occasion, dear Marco! Sofya indeed likes authenticity.

Sofya was born here, in Leningrad, trained as a dancer in Russia, then went to Los Angeles but always felt so strongly the call of her homeland that she decided to return home.

She returned to Russia shortly before she went to Spain. She likes to travel a lot, quarantine is limiting. For her, Spain is a land of happiness, carefreeness and also Sangria.


Of course, Marco always has to report on other people’s private lives, “Are you single?” Sofia is a mum!


Almost unbelievable, but Sofya really piloted fly planes and not just for the movies, her family had a helicopter, but then her mother and grandmother died from it.


Sofya started nine years ago in Hollywood. Of the American town, she reminds us that “in Hollywood, everyone you find is a Hollywood person”, everything is connected to the film industry, everyone is connected to that business.

And there, between Sunset Boulevard, Wilshire Boulevard and the foothills of Beverly Hills, she has seen famous actors doing completely normal things, living life.


Marco: “Do you cook by yourself?”

No, Sofya doesn’t have a passion for cooking, that’s why she’s thin. I prefer to cook for her mind. Obviously metaphorically, relax Marco, she doesn’t put your head in the pot every time!


Sofya spends her quarantine working on the opening of her actors’ school, trying to adapt the universality of the US to the narrower customs of Russia. Her mission is to instil the fact of how actors in the world are always communicating, closing in on themselves and the lack of communication is not usual.

She also opens this school because of the differences in stage technique between Russia and America, to bring and experiment with new techniques in her country.

Her main advice is to practice every day and try to improve yourself: that is how you can grow and mature.

So train your brain (not with push-ups and pull-ups Marco!) to avoid depression and actually encourage yourself.


Marco’s most outlandish questions: “Have you ever dreamed of becoming of the opposite sex, a man? What would you do?”

Sofia would try to talk on the phone, but she wouldn’t make a revolution, a war… if she looked at it and as Marco says maybe she wouldn’t settle for size: it happens every time!


“If you were a ghost for a day what would you do?” asks Erica, to get the discussion back on less dirty tracks.

Sofya would love to try to read people’s thoughts, understand what they do and how they act, so that she could understand the world and once back to herself live better.


As a central break the usual game, especially aimed at the actors. And so we see our Sofya pronouncing the phrase “Mind the gap between the train and the platform” in a sexy way, about to give birth, hungry and searching for food in the forest: amazing!


Returning to more paranormal facts, no Marco, Sofya has never had any paranormal experiences with alien ships; with her four-year-old brother, however, she saw a woman on a broomstick, looking like Harry Potter… “Until we were 22-23 years old we thought it was real!”


Sofya’s hair is not very long. She prefers it this way because it emphasises the shape of her face, having had it long all her life.

And for God’s sake, she’s tried but never worn a beard or a moustache or anything like that, Marco!


Returning, thanks to Erica, to her initial career, Sofya started working because she was invited to do so and when she did she saw that she liked it and thought this would be her profession. She really likes acting.

Of course, she would have liked to have been reminded in the beginning to be tidy and her own manager, to organise her life and her business.

Anyway, today she looks at the set, without interest on which and where, but for a fact of emotions that it arouses in her: the crowd, the professionalism are really energetic for her!


No Marco, Sofya doesn’t use drugs or alcohol to prepare herself for the shows, but only a long preparatory sleep of even sixteen hours and maybe something against hunger like spaghetti, better not to exceed in lasagna, which makes you fat!


Erica: “What are you doing at the moment, what are you working on?”

Sofya works at the online school and has a few projects in her drawer that are waiting to be unblocked due to the situation.

In the meantime, she spends time with her four-year-old son, who is more of a director and producer than an actor. Maybe he’ll become an actor as he gets older, his mother would like that!


What a beautiful interview and what a beautiful actress and person!

You are right Marco and Erica: a person who works hard, does an exceptional job, is successful and transmits energy! The importance of working on your strengths, persevering in what you do and loving what you do. That’s how results come!

And it all leads you to become a person like Sofya, an exceptional actress but also a wonderful person.

And what are you waiting for? Hurry up and watch the episode to discover this celebrity, preparing yourself to wait for, who knows, some other overseas star!


By Britalians TV
Written by
Marc Vezzi

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