The Key to Success: Discipline, Consistency and Practice
November 26, 2021 - By Elisa Forte

What is that discipline so often mentioned when talking about reaching goals? What is that and how to develop it? 

By definition, discipline can have different shades depending on the purpose to train, to punish or to control (Cambridge Dictionary). However, the discussion moves to the individual sphere when talking about self-discipline, which is defined as “the ability to make yourself do things you know you should do even when you do not want to” (Cambridge Dictionary). What stands out is that self-discipline is related to the individual commitment to doing something.

Regardless of the specific action aimed to realise, such as waking up early, working out three times a week and eating healthy, the development of discipline demands motivation, consistency and practice. While motivation is essential to begin, consistency and practice are required to both develop self-discipline and achieve a goal. Indeed, as self-discipline requires training and consistency to be developed, so a goal demands discipline, consistency and practice as well to be reached, because anything happens by magic. In short, self-discipline is the way to achieve a goal, but it needs to be trained as well. 

So, discipline and/or self-discipline, consistency and practice are the bridge between goals and success: they bring structure, stability and they represent a guide to reach a specific goal. 

Anyway, the concept of discipline needs to be adapted to the individual situation in order for it to be turned into tangible actions and behaviours. In particular, a sporting goal demands a daily routine made up of training, specific food choices and rest; a professional goal requires a lot of study, practice and a fitting daily routine; those working from home need to0 separate their private and working life in order to find the right balance that enables them to work, but also take time for themselves and their passions. 

Do you remember Hayden Joseph? Interviewed by Between 2 Italians, he talked about his courage, determination and commitment to transform his passion for music in his job (link to the episode).

Otherwise, let’s think about all the athletes that have recently taken part in the Tokyo Olympics Games. Thousands of athletes dedicate their lives first to deserve the qualification and then to get on the highest place of the podium, with the awareness that just one will get there. Let’s consider the reason that encourages them to make this life choice and the discipline that guides them every day for four long years, which became five this time. Five years of hard work tested in a couple of hours, or in a couple of minutes. 

What about you? What is your biggest dream? Regardless of the time, difficulty and what other people say, work hard to make discipline, consistency and practice part of your everyday life, because this is the only way to make your dream come true. 

By Britalians TV
Written by
Elisa Forte

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