You are currently viewing The travelling blogger from every ‘corner of the world’: Pamela Mukherjee.

The travelling blogger from every ‘corner of the world’: Pamela Mukherjee.

The travelling blogger from every ‘corner of the world’: Pamela Mukherjee.
January 24, 2022 - By Marc Vezzi

Pamela’s travels, adventures and exciting explorations in over sixty countries.

Good morning Britalians TV viewers!

Today a special guest from New Delhi, the “travel blogger” Pamela Mukherjee!

She was interviewed by an unhinged Erica (summer is near) and in a green polo shirt by a Marco who enjoys the view.


But what does it mean to be a “travel blogger”? What does it mean to be a lifestyle?

Lifestyle in the sense that you can say you are open to everything, fashion, food, everything, books, passions, culture.

And in every “corner of the world”. And how can there be corners in a sphere? “In every corner of the world because I think everyone is an imperfection in that!”


And on these quarantine days, what does Pamela do?

She gets up, has a cup of coffee, reads something, walks around the country.

These days she reads fiction, in particular a Japanese one, strictly in translation, dear Marco! Although she would like to learn many languages: Spanish, French, Japanese and Italian. She loves Italian pizza!


Of course, Marco then has to bother the young lady with the long hair about her love life.

Pamela doesn’t have a partner, she is, as Marco says, “on the market” but she waits without having and getting too many expectations.


Erica, on the other hand, is a bit more dreamy: “If you were a ghost for a day, what would you do?”

Pamela would fly to Paris and go for a pizza.


Pamela is multitasking. One game she hates is chess: she has little patience, she wants to play fast! And so in life, she might like to watch an episode of Games of Thrones and in the meantime see what’s live on Instagram or Facebook.


On her travels, she has to be very careful – there are many risks. Especially animals. The thing that scares her the most, however, is watching horror films at night.

But among others, the Bogeyman doesn’t scare her at all!


From terror to love: “Have you ever communicated to someone, through your eyes, that you wanted to know them?”

Yes, but without success. Pamela would tell him if she found him again that she would gladly accept a coffee date.


And finally to the extravaganza from the audience: if you had to rescue a pigeon, what would you do? She would take care of it of course.

And in the same way, she doesn’t care about the religion of the person in front of her: she likes to talk to people and talk to them to listen to their problems. In fact, she loves to talk, trying to understand the point of view of her interlocutor.


Marco then always has to put his finger on it and asks Pamela if she has ever done anything illegal. Yes, she visited a temple in India where neither drinking nor smoking was allowed and so on.


Finally, a playful moment: like the other interviewees, she is asked to cry, laugh and repeat the phrase “No listen, I think it is terrific” in three ways: not to be missed!


By Britalians TV
Written by
Marc Vezzi

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