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The young and English version of Leonardo DiCaprio

The young and English version of Leonardo DiCaprio
July 27, 2021 - By Elisa Forte

Marco and Erica connect with Jon Untersander

Jon Untersander is the guest of this new episode of Between 2 Italians, where Marco and Erica ask the most embarrassing questions to their guests. 

Jon Untersander, the young and English version of Leonardo DiCaprio, is an 18-year-old actor who recently moved from Switzerland to London to attend the Identity School of Acting. 

Marco and Erica begin the interview by asking some questions about his approach to acting. How does he enter into the character? Jon explains that each role takes a lot of work in terms of research, learning about the character and memorising the script. In addition to that, Jon thinks that the hardest thing is to relax and take control of his own feelings in order to empathise with the character. Although he has just started this path, he seems to have everything necessary to become a brilliant and talented actor!

Marco looks discouraged because Jon has half of his years and he is already so wise. Don’t despair, Marco! 

Jon talks about the different short films he took part in and he is proud that one of them, “Quiet land good people”, was a school award finalist. 

Switzerland is his native country, so Marco and Erica take the opportunity to ask something about his youth there. What is a must-have on Between 2 Italians? Embarrassing questions, of course! Did he ever get in trouble, both in the real and in the fictional life? Let’s hear what he tells us! 

Jon would like to make a suggestion: always be yourself; do not change for anyone else!

After this deep moment, Marco wants to lighten the mood by asking about his dating life: is his heart committed to anyone or is he in the market? At the moment Jon is single, but he would like to confess his weakness for Italians, of which he admires the strong personality. After having specified that Erica is occupied, Marco makes fun of Erica’s energetic personality.  Don’t worry Erica, the audience of Britalians TV is on your side!

They keep talking: if he were an animal, what would he be? Jon is uncertain, he likes cats but they are too lazy. What’s the best solution? A hybrid between a cat and an elephant. What a bizarre desire! 

Jon has prepared a monologue from Charlie Chaplin for this special occasion. It’s a really strong and meaningful speech about humanity and democracy. Marco and Erica are all ears! 

For all his life and career updates, follow him on Instagram. It has been a pleasure, Jon! Good luck! 

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