You are currently viewing Marco and Erica #TALKSHOW- Viva Las Vegas! Marco and Erica talk with the incredibly talented, Italian performer Tony Pace

Marco and Erica #TALKSHOW- Viva Las Vegas! Marco and Erica talk with the incredibly talented, Italian performer Tony Pace

Viva Las Vegas! Marco and Erica talk with the incredibly talented, Italian performer Tony Pace!
November 5, 2021 - By AngelicaVilarino

Viva Las Vegas! Marco and Erica talk with the incredibly talented, Italian performer Tony Pace!

The United States of America is a land of opportunity and Las Vegas, Nevada is the place you go to follow your dreams as a performer. Tony Pace has a long list of achievements and professional work. He is a singer, a comedian, a writer and artist, with an energy that makes you want to watch what he’s going to do next, which is exactly why Marco and Erica were so excited to interview him. 

In this episode, the 3 Italians discuss a variety of topics surrounding what life is like in Las Vegas, growing up with Italian culture, the entertainment industry and most importantly, if Marco’s shirt matches his underwear. If you want to know, be sure to watch the full interview on the Britalians TV website, where will you be thoroughly entertained.

Entertainment imbodied in one person

Antonio Pace, “Tony” for short is an Italian entertainer who has performed all over the world and is based in Las Vegas. Marco and Erica ask all kinds of questions about how people live there, and if everyone is in the entertainment industry. Tony has been performing for audiences ranging from six people, to twenty-five thousand, for forty years. He described how different Vegas was compared to when he arrived there the first time. Where there once were iconic figures like Frank Sinatra singing on a stage, has now been replaced with extravagant circus performances. The economy is different, renting a theatre is difficult and people don’t go there to perform anymore, but to settle. Tony said its all about having the title of being FROM Las Vegas, and how it’s a trampoline to other performance shows around the world. But the Vegas lifestyle remains. People from all over the world are there and go there to be wow’ed. And the Elvis impersonators are still around, including Tony himself!

We are all Italian!

Marco and Erica ask Tony if the rest of his family are entertainers. His daughter, Bianca, is a singer like her father and is pursuing to have her own performance theatre. His wife is not but is his manager who runs the shows. They have been married for 32 happy years and travel everywhere together. They also have a son, Mateo, who was originally supposed to be named something so unpronounceable, I can’t even write it. Luckily, Tony’s mama saved him from that. He mentions the vast population of Italians in Las Vegas, and how at home he felt. He recounts his travels all around Italy, including Naples, where he said people have a flair for the dramatic, which Marco and Erica amusingly agreed with, and how difficult the dialect there was for him, despite Italian being his first language. 

A music man

What instrument is mandatory for every Italian to learn? If you answered anything that’s not an accordion, your Italian card has been revoked. Sorry Marco! Tony is a musician as well and recounts the time when he was younger and played the instruments with his friends, and Erica mentions how her family used to play it as well. During the interview he talks about his latest single called “Cara Mia” his trademark song which has now been released. He is an incredible soprano singer, which you will see in the episode itself, as Marco tries to keep up with him! Marco and Erica ask, if there was anything that he looks back on that he would do differently. He wished that he had dedicated himself more to one particular level of soprano, so that he could have developed it to a professional level. He expresses his love of learning, which is why he’s able to play the basic level of so many instruments. Using his four decades of experience in the music industry, he developed an informative program called Get Your Act Together, dedicated to assist people who are starting out in the industry build their careers. He includes everything from understanding your audience to dealing with management scams, so if you need help starting your entertainment career, be sure to go to his website on and check it out. 

Everyone has a gift

Marco and Erica ask Tony to impersonate them. He easily able to imitate Marcos’s energy but has some trouble matching Erica’s enthusiasm for coffee. She is simply just too unique, and joke about how there can only be one Erica in the world. Tony comments on how Marco and Erica would do very well in Las Vegas because their energy Is very attractive and contagious to people, which Marco not so humbly agreed with. This episode was hilariously entertaining, filled with impressions, music and laughter that can’t be appreciated accurately through text, so be sure to watch the full episode available on Britalians TV website. They conclude the interview with Tony wisely stating, “Everyone has a gift and what you have to do is figure out what your gift is and use it, to make every day better than you left it”. 

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