Wellness Coach Shares his Tips for Achieving a Long and Healthy Life
June 15, 2022 - By sydneywells

Marco and Erica sit down for a long-distance interview with Hamad-al-Saad, a Wellness Coach and Business Owner to discuss his story and to learn his tips and tricks for living a longer, healthier life.

On this episode of Marco and Erica’s #TALKSHOW, they engage in a lively discussion with Hamad-al-Saad (also known as “The Nourisher”), a wellness coach and founder of The Nourishers, a business dedicated to sharing the secrets to wellness with as many people as possible. In true #TALKSHOW fashion, this 40-minute interview goes deeper, not only telling you about Hamad’s life and his story, but also allowing you to learn his recommendations to maintain wellness and attain a long, healthy life. 


Located in Bahrain (or as Marco calls it, Berlin) Hamad-al-Saad has served as a member of the military, a police officer, a wellness coach and as an entrepreneur. Through his many careers he has found a family and his passion for wellness within his home country. His company, The Nourishers, branches out from his established personal brand as “The Nourisher” to supply people with the tools that they need to turn the things that they love to do into a company. Our hosts find a connection with Hamad through the difficulties that stem from making your passion a business, and how to move past the stress of money and success to preserve the love for what you do. 

Hamad Talks Balancing Business and Passion:

“I’ve worked with a lot of people…and it taught me that I wasn’t the only one going through those struggles.”

Hamad earns the highly-regarded applause of Marco and Erica when he explains his philosophy about working with businesses compared to working with coaches when it comes to making your passion accessible to others. He explains that when you are working with businesses it can quickly become overwhelmingly concerned with monetization and branding and with coaches it is more about building connections with people and providing them with your services, but they may lack the resources that large businesses have. There is a balance to achieve both of these things and that is what Hamad has set out to do. Marco shares his agreement with this sentiment by adding that you can lose your focus for your passion when you become too concerned with the profits and the success. 


“I adore passionate people because when I first started I didn’t have anyone to support me…that’s why I feel for them.”


At the beginning of Hamad’s career he admits that felt like he needed to dedicate himself to living the healthiest lifestyle that he could to appear physically fit. This pressure that he placed upon himself and his appearance was quickly revealed to be an unsustainable method of maintaining health and as such he found himself rethinking what wellness truly meant. He reveals that while he still works out and eats to nourish his body, he no longer places an emphasis on how his body looks as a way to gauge his wellness. 

Hamad Reveals His Wellness Routine and Tips on How to Better Yours

“I love listening to a podcast or something educational in the morning because that’s my time…if I want to do something educational.”

When pressed about his morning routine, the wellness coach admits that waking up early places him in the right mindset to begin a productive day. He starts his morning by waking up around 5 or 6 and begins his routine with one of the five prayers he will do each day, followed by a workout and meditation session. By waking up at an earlier time, Hamad says that there are fewer people to keep him from losing focus on his routine: he gets fewer phone calls, he does not have to worry about work, and there is a smaller amount of people around him in the spaces he goes to. As his morning draws to a close, he heads to work around 9AM where he will begin taking clients until his day finally comes to an end. 


To close out this interview, Hamad finally reveals what he finds most important to maintaining a healthy self for years to come. He tells Marco and Erica that taking time out of your day to check-in with yourself and make sure that you are in the right mindset to continue what you are doing at that moment is the key to living well. To listen to what your body and mind are telling you at any given moment allows you to focus deeply on your well-being and ensure that you are living your best life. If this is difficult for you to accomplish, Hamad advises his clients to set alarms to remember to drink water, take meals and walks, or get some sunshine by going outside. 

Hamad Shares His Hopes for the Future

Nowadays, Hamad is wanting to give back to people who need his help and would benefit from his information, particularly focusing on the youth. He is hoping that by turning his attention to the younger generations, who are more aware about the world around them through the use of technology, he will be able to give them a deeper understanding of themselves. Ultimately, Hamad’s goal is to turn young people into the best version of themselves and to give communities around the world responsible citizens who are able to make big changes and follow their dreams. You can watch the full interview here and find out more about what Hamad has to say about life in Bahrain, family and business!

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