We’re all spots on the same cow: DJ Barry on how Art can serve as a force for social change worldwide
August 31, 2021 - By Elisa Forte

DJ Barry talks about the beginning, the development and the future of the global movement and brand World Cow

It is finally time to meet DJ Barry as he is the next guest on Marco and Erica #TALKSHOW. Get comfortable, because there will be a lot of talking about many interesting topics, first of all the creation and development of the global movement and brand World Cow.


The concept behind World Cow

“We’re all spot on the same cow” is the precious message carried on by DJ Barry: we are all living on the same planet, breathing the same air, regardless of where we are from, our size and our differences and the purpose of World Cow is to celebrate that diversity that makes each human being unique and special. 

DJ Barry has a nice surprise for Marco and Erica: World Cow t-shirt! They look excited and they can’t wait to wear it! Marco cannot resist and he takes off his shirt to wear the gift and delve into the atmosphere of the interview. 


The creation of World Cow

You might be wondering: how did all these come to happen? Why a cow? DJ Barry says that the message came after the design and that it was after starting painting that he got the idea of World Cow message. 


What is special is that it is a global movement that embraces every culture, without any kind of distinction. This is a great opportunity to get out of our comfort zone and meet new cultures. About that, DJ Barry points out that World Cow could be a great tool for children to learn geography as well!


The development of the movement and brand

At the moment, World Cow is evolving and DJ Barry is looking for partners that will help him with the merchandising; the message is spreading all around the world and DJ Barry needs support to raise funds to distribute. There is a lot of work to do and his days are pretty busy, but he doesn’t forget to take care of himself. In particular, he suggests trying Wim Hof therapy, which consists of resisting to low temperatures, a practice that helps DJ Barry to relax and charge his energy level. 

His wife has been a huge supporter and it was her that convinced him to leave his work in the hospital and follow his dream, which has become real! So far, he has been rejected many times, but he kept working so that he has been able to turn his passion into his job. 

Speaking of which, DJ Barry shares with the audience of Britalians TV some projects he hopes to realise soon.

DJ Barry turned out to be a great and stimulating human being and Marco and Erica are glad they spent time with him. Indeed, there are a lot of similarities between Britalians TV and World Cow because they are both committed to respect and value diversity and uniqueness of each human being.

Watch the full interview on Britalians TV to catch up on all the topics discussed!


By Britalians TV
Written by
Elisa Forte

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