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What does a stylist do?

What does a stylist do?
August 6, 2021 - By Elisa Forte

Marco and Erica connect with Simone Guidarelli

Marco and Erica are excited to connect with the creative director Simone Guidarelli. It’s tea time, so the interview starts by talking about biscuits and scones before moving to Scotland and kilt, the typical Scotland clothing. 

Let’s get to know Simone better! What does his job as a stylist consist of? He has been a storyteller for 25 years. Starting from fashion labels’ needs, Simone is in charge of creating and telling stories by putting together location, photographer, models, hair and makeup with the aim of reaching his clients’ goals. He takes everyday objects and makes them become something different. Simone essentially makes his clients’ dreams come true!

Marco and Erica would like to ask him a couple of questions about his beard. Let’s hear what fun stories he tells! 

This is Between 2 Italians, so it’s always time for games and challenges! Is he able to cry and laugh on cue?

How is he coping with quarantine? Stefano has never been better, he has so much time to take care of his house, his garden and himself as well. He is trying to eat better, catch up on a photoshop course and listen to a lot of music. What does he like to listen to? Does he sing and dance as well?

Speaking of which, Marco and Erica throw down a challenge: one opponent has to sing a song with some water in the mouth and the other one has to guess the song. Who is going to win?

A must-have question: what would he do if he had the possibility to be a ghost for one day? Simone has many ideas: he would definitely love to hide things from people, especially those he doesn’t like. But he would also like to do some small revenges and spy conversations to get to know people better. 

Moving back to the fashion world, how did his passion begin? Simone has been a great observer since when he was really young and he soon realised his desire to work in the fashion industry. Experience by experience, he improved his knowledge and skills as a stylist. Being a stylist is not only putting outfits together, it is much more than that! When Simone looks at clothes, he creates an overall vision that includes who wears them and how. 

Is there anything that he would have preferred to know before, maybe when he was just starting his career? Simone found it really hard to work without people supporting him and recognising his abilities. For a long time he had to rely only on his motivation. He has been the first and main supporter of himself.

It’s time for more interesting and embarrassing questions: does he feel sexy? He does. Despite his weaknesses, Simone likes himself as he is because everyone is beautiful in his/her own uniqueness! 

More than being a great stylist, Simone turned out to be an amazing human being! Marco and Erica cannot wait to meet him face to face. Are they going to meet in Milan or London?  

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