What’s life like for a country music singer?

What’s life like for a country music singer?
2021-08-23 09:00 - By Elisa Forte

Marco and Erica explore Country Music

As big fans of country music, Marco and Erica are enthusiastic to meet Matt Westin to discover more about the lifestyle of country music artists. Is it as relaxed as in the music videos they watch on repeat? Let’s find out about Matt’s passion for singing and acting, the relationship with his dad and much more

From engineer to singer

Marco has the brilliant idea to welcome him by asking if he loves himself and how he takes care of himself. That is the best way to put a guest at ease, for sure! 

Fortunately, the conversation moves to Matt’s career, which is unconventional but extremely interesting to hear about! After two engineering degrees, Matt started working for a company: his duties were cool but the everyday life was mostly boring and repetitive. Therefore, he decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue acting. That experience lasted only one year because life made him move back to his hometown, Pittsburgh, where he currently lives. It was after his return that one day he was inspired to write an album, called Legacy, to his dad, who had recently passed away, and this ended up being like therapy. Now, a few years later, he feels he is on the right path and he is grateful to be doing great things, such as connecting with people from all over the world. 

How to become a singer as a self-educated person

Marco and Erica are interested in delving into his passion for music: is he inspired by anyone? Frank Sinatra has been his first and biggest inspiration and Matt taught himself how to sing by imitating him! That is unbelievable! How was it possible? Matt says that it is about trying to sound how singers do and then controlling, building and feeling how it works. It takes a lot of practice! Looking curious to learn more about it, Marco and Erica ask Matt to teach them a useful technique to improve their singing skills. Let’s see what happens! 

Matt is not only a country singer, but he is an actor as well! He is officially part of the cast of a new movie talking about the music industry and Matt gives us a little sneak peek of the plot! 

Snooping around Matt’s private life

Talking about his private life, what did his friends think about his life change? His decision to leave the engineering career has not been approved by all of them, but his mental and emotional health is what meant the most for him, regardless of people’s opinions around him! 

Sneak peeks: religion, family and Italian roots

The interview continues by dealing with many other aspects of Matt’s life, such as his relationship with religion, with his younger brother, his Italian roots and projects he is working on. Guess from which Italian region Matt is from! To know the answer to all these, watch the full episode on Britalians TV

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