Why should we be like anyone else? Be Yourself, Be Unique 
May 16, 2022 - By AnumitaBagchi

A little message from us to you!


Happy start to the week everyone, this article will be a little different from our usual content, but that’s okay, it still has an important message that we should all hear. The same applies to people, really; even if you are different from others (in fact, especially if you are), you deserve to be heard and understood. If you’re familiar with the content on the Britalians TV channel, you’ll know that we are passionate about lending an ear to all sorts of people, no matter their nationality, line of work, or disposition. 


Our shows are meant to showcase the importance of humanity, and we achieve that by creating an atmosphere in which people can be themselves in an authentic way. ‘Be Yourself’ is a phrase that’s thrown around all over the place these days, but what does it really mean? Well, in the first place, it’s impossible to be unapologetically yourself if you don’t even know who you really are! 


Since the times of the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, the concept of ‘knowing oneself’ has been a core element of personal growth and acceptance. In the centuries that have followed, the ideas of self-acceptance and individualism have developed massively; it’s now an understood fact that self-doubt and insecurity are huge factors in being unhappy. 


While this idea might have stuck around for thousands of years, a lot has changed since the times of ancient philosophers. In the modern era, it’s far easier to compare ourselves to others, especially with the rise of social media in this millennium. When we go online, it’s all too easy to see other people and wonder- why are we not more like them? But the real point is the opposite- why should we be like anyone else? 


When we are constantly surrounded by content in the digital age, it is no surprise that we absorb the messages around us. As a result, if you are inundated with negativity that is directed towards the self, you will feel less secure in your own being. On the other hand, if the things with which you surround yourself are positive, and encourage you to embrace everything you are, you will adopt that outlook. 


Individualism is what makes us all human! It sounds cliche, but we really are just people at the end of the day- that’s what ties us together. Anything beyond our humanity is a difference to be celebrated. Whether you like art, science, humanities or data, your interests and passions are what make you YOU! Being yourself is all about doing what you love unashamedly, celebrating your quirks, and allowing yourself all the grace that you afford to other people. 


Here at Britalians TV, we believe in celebrating individuality, and platforming people who are living their lives so that they are doing what they love. You only need to look at each and every human Marco and Erica met in their travels with Humans of the World or for example the episodes of Between 2 Italians featuring Aurora hunter Filippo Dias or fashion designer David Avido Ochieng, or the episodes of Marco and Erica #TALKSHOW featuring the founder of World Cow DJ Barry, to see the value of following your dreams. If you are reading this, I strongly encourage you to take some steps towards accepting yourself fully. Whether it is through reassessing the content you have around you, or indulging in self care and nurturing your interests, acknowledging and loving everything that makes you the person that you are is always a good thing. 

By Britalians TV
Written by
AnumitaBagchi , Erica Melargo and Marco Biagioli

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