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Opinions: You Wake Up Tomorrow and You are 20 Years Old. What Would you do?

Opinions: You Wake Up Tomorrow and You are 20 Years Old. What Would you do?
October 22, 2021 - By Elisa Forte

This is the question that Marco asks to several  passengers on a train in London. 

There is Julie, 66 years old, who would love that: going back in time will definitely be her Christmas wish! What would she do? She would love to break up with her boyfriend and look for another funny, kind and lovely guy. 

Then there is Alan, 72 years old, who would manage the relationship with his first wife differently. He would have stayed with her. 

Debbie would take into consideration the opportunity to buy a ticket to travel around the world, first stop Australia. 

Mark, 46 years old, would take the opportunity to behave differently and avoid some mistakes that he is currently trying to solve. Nothing material, only personal related stuff.

Merwan would change her school career by choosing another university path. Moreover, she has some interesting considerations about her personal life: her first marriage is over and now she is married to a man that she appreciates a lot; however, she thinks that their relationship would have lasted a short time, if they had met when they were 20 years old. 

Due to Merwan’s link to French culture, Marco is curious to know in which aspect French men are better than English men. Merwan thinks that they are only characterised by two different cultures that make them different from each other.

One last question to Merwan: which is the best way to make a decision, according to her point of view? It is a matter of choosing what you enjoy the most. What do you prioritise: happiness or money? Merwan would never spend her time doing something only for an economic reason.

Finally, Marco hangs out with a woman that would have spent less time worrying about things and more time trying to enjoy the present moment, rather than being overwhelmed by things that people are supposed to do in their life. 

It has been really inspiring to listen to all the people interviewed by Marco! Although they all look satisfied with their daily lives, they would all like to go back in time to change life choices or things related to their loved ones. Whether it is about choosing a different university path, focusing on the present moment, breaking up with a partner, behaving differently with other people, all these aspects are related to people’s relationship with themselves and the others, thus pointing out the relevance of the intangible and relational sphere. We struggle to realise that, often taking a lot of time before becoming aware. However, there is always time to change the direction of our life!

By Britalians TV
Written by
Elisa Forte

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