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Discovering Sardinia!

Discovering Sardinia!
September 6, 2021 - By Marc Vezzi

A first taste of Marco and Erica’s journey!

Britalians TV viewers, good morning!

The first episode of the new season of Humans of the World, how exciting!

Our people have arrived, with a Ryanair flight, at the airport of Cagliari, Elmas Sogaer! Erica is finally back after so many years in her homeland!


Our trip starts from Piazza Palazzo, the main square of the Castello district, which offers a breathtaking view: the palaces, the hills, the Sardinian capital. A sparkling climate, colours, art, views. A city born on 7 hills, just like Rome. Which, like the capital, has many churches. And it is a university town, so it is full of life, of youth.


The people here are really lovely. After admiring for a moment the architectural beauties in Piazza Carlo Alberto, from where you can admire the Duomo with its 13th century bell tower and in Piazza Palazzo the Palazzo Regio, residence of the king’s representative in Aragonese, Spanish and Savoy times, now seat of the Prefecture and the Metropolitan City of Cagliari, ours finally meet natives! The first couple from Cagliari interviewed by ours, who after having met some time ago in the streets of the city are now on the straight to get married!

And while Marco is as anxious as a… pizza dog, our natives tell about the Sardinian working rhythms, which seem very very different from the London ones!


However, our sparkling interviewers can’t fail to greet the Mayor of Cagliari, Marco’s hunger can wait! The meeting takes place in the Civic Palace of Cagliari, a wonderful city hall with an exceptional view on the sea. Marco tries to deceive his hunger by eating an apple.

While the mayor Paolo Truzzu talks about his passion to be mayor, to be a politician, to try to realize the future of his city, Marco delights in eating his apple and making other bad jokes. And then the responsibilities and risks of carrying on something prestigious, like our Marco wearing a 50’000 pound watch on his arm, we’ll take his word for it!


Marco: “If you were given the chance to be a ghost for a day what would you do?”

Our Mayor would go to the City Clerk’s Office to hear what they are saying behind his back. We’re sure he’s doing his best for his city anyway!


The Mayor is now focused on the redevelopment of certain popular neighbourhoods, including in particular the reconstruction of the Sant’Elia stadium as a flywheel for the entire neighbourhood of the same name.


The Mayor laughs but we don’t know what Marco must have done to him behind the scenes, saying that he loaded him on his shoulders like a sack of potatoes and terrorized him!


After more awkward questions, the serious question, “What do you suggest to someone who wants to be mayor?” And here Paul reminds us to look at this position not as a goal but as a possibility, which may or may not come. With passion and work, it can be reached, but it may also be not reached. In any case, the important thing here is to have done well for one’s community.

On the other hand, as Marco says in a flash of lucidity: “It’s not the destination that counts, but the journey!”


Fantastic, funny, smart. Truthful! Unmissable!


After waiting patiently all morning, Marco could finally have his moment of glory. In the Sabores store, our guests can prepare and taste a typical dish of southern Sardinia: Malloreddus alla campidanesen(Sardinian dumplings with sausage sauce). It is useless to underline the scenes of our Marco, who tests the goodness of the white wine by sipping it from the container that contains it, with his dirty little finger he tests if the pasta is cooked, he tastes the ingredients by taking them with his hand.

And the wise Erica, fortunately, redeems the beautiful figures of Marco by revealing three secrets for a delicious pasta… all to be discovered!

Malloreddus alla campidanese with traditional Sardinian red wine. Marco: “I think I’m in heaven!”


The day is not over yet!

Our guests visit Grotta Marcello! An evocative place rich in history: dug in the tuff, it was a refuge for the inhabitants of Cagliari during the Second World War; today it is one of the temples of the city’s social life, a place for dancing but above all a restaurant, pizzeria and American Bar. And Marco could not miss it!


After a round of… glasses by our Barney, Marco and Erica meet the bartenders Ettore and Erika who prepare a good aperitif: Erika prepares a Campari Spritz, Ettore a Sex on the Beach. As a side dish, besides Marco’s embarrassing questions that almost create a heart between the two bartenders, another typical Sardinian dish: culurgiones, a sort of meatballs with potatoes, Sardinian pecorino cheese… and no orange Marco!

With the dances, the hugs and the kisses of Marco and Erica, Ettore and Erika, we leave you with the human, culinary and cultural curiosities, the sympathy of our two Italians in London of this episode… and of the next episodes of the trip to Sardinia! This was just… a taste!

By Britalians TV
Written by
Marc Vezzi

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