Erica pregnant after the Carnival of Bosa?
October 11, 2021 - By Marc Vezzi

Marco quivers on the sixth day of his trip to Sardinia!

Good morning Britalians TV viewers!

Where will our Marco and Erica take us today? What humans will they encounter on their journey? Will they interview the priest on the altar this time too?


The adventure of our two lovebirds continues in Bosa, in particular the second day here starts from the Castle of Serravalle or of Malaspina or also called the Castle of Bosa.

Marco would also like to live in a castle. To have servants. To get out of bed and have someone give him his clothes and ask him what he wants for breakfast. Too bad he already has Erica who treats him like a Prince! Yeah, sure not in a castle but… Marco: “You didn’t give it your best shot!” Erica: “Starting tomorrow! You’ll have the best, full service!” Marco: “All you need to do to improve a relationship is talk, see?”


With a beautiful landscape in the background, Marco and Erica interview Maria Cristina Obinu, an employee of the Cooperativa L’Antico Tesoro. It deals with the protection, promotion, knowledge and dissemination of the cultural heritage of the city of Bosa and in particular manages the opening and visits of the castle.

Maria Cristina tells about her profession, the training in a job where she has almost unconsciously undertaken a lasting and continuous professional training, repaid by the human relationship with colleagues and visitors. In the meantime, Marco is aroused by the alcoholic fumes of the Bosa Carnival and therefore shoots blanks.


Taking advantage of the lady’s availability, our guests have the honour of visiting the Palatine Chapel of sos Regnos Altos inside the Malaspina Castle. Marco continues to be a bit lost and distracted but we forgive him, he must be suffering from the fatigue of having climbed the hill, as well as from the Carnival!

In the second week of September here there is a festival that combines the sacred and the profane.

And the Cooperative organizes workshops with children who can then use the technique of fresco on tiles. We hope that Erica has made a little thought to leave our little boy, Marco, here!


Near the Ponte Vecchio of Bosa on the river Temo we meet two fishermen, Fabio and Alessandro, intent on cutting mullet. They can’t pay too much attention to ours because they might cut off their fingers and that’s something we wouldn’t want to see in front of the camera, too bloody!

The two fishermen talk about their lives, wives, children, the happiness that comes from those beautiful moments spent together maybe sharing the passion for football, and not thinking about rent to pay, electricity, water and garbage and gas.


Erica and Marco are invited to a barbecue based on fish, meat, accompanied by good Malvasia wine. And still hovers the ghost of the Carnival of Bosa and finding oneself pregnant especially after this holiday: Fabio reveals that there is a specific day and it is done just that morning.


Our people feast under a beautiful sun, while Marco is strongly afraid of Carnival: he doesn’t want Erica to get pregnant! He would remember this moment all his life!


After lunch, they are invited to one of the oldest houses in Bosa, built near the river. Fabio Massidda in traditional clothes and strumming a guitar, with the baker of Bosa Giuseppe-Beppe Peralta in traditional carnival costumes, intoxicated by the fumes of alcohol, guide Marco and Erica into the cellar of Fabio’s house. His father was a Malvasia producer. And here there are also the tools for the vinification of grapes.


From wines to jewels. Stefano Ruggiu welcomes the two sparkling travellers in his jewellery shop in the centre of Bosa, in the historical district. Stefano started dedicating himself to this at the age of 9 and in 1989 he opened this store, which he has been keeping open for 30 years.

If you are interested in seeing the making of a filigree ring, you can even watch the preparation of Erica’s wedding ring (with Marco saying that it is not the right size: all excuses!)!


Marco: “We’ve reached the end of this trip to Bosa!” Erica is a little tired but the trip has been so great that it relieves the fatigue. Discovering unknown worlds, exceptional, welcoming people and stories that make you feel at home!

Goodbye Bosa, not goodbye! Our Marco and Erica will come back to visit you. When? You’ll find out in the coming seasons!


By Britalians TV
Written by
Marc Vezzi

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